He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe Review

By the Power of Grayskull!……………..I have the Power!!!! The most powerful man from the 80’s cartoon finally make his way to Android devices. And its about time to. Having to wait for this game for a year, to get on the Android was almost like sweet torture. But the long wait is over. He-Man is finally here.

Now if you are like me you grew in the 80’s watching this cartoon, cheering on for He-Man as he saves the day. And also learning some lessons to be learned at the end of the show right before the credits would roll. Yes there were many reboots of the cartoon, toys, coloring books, and the list goes on and on, but the one thing that He-Man never had was his own video game.

Now as you play, you play as our most powerful man in the Universe…He-Man. The good folks at Chillingo and GlitchSoft have done an amazing job at developing this game and sticking closely to the original. The game will start as He-Man is hanging upside down in the cold-dark dungeons of Snake Mountain. As our hero is taunted by Skeletor, He-Man’s his arch nemesis, he tells our hero about the evil plan that  he’s concocted to take over Eternia. And it doesn’t take long before our hero gets free and starts his 27 level journey that takes him, all through Eternia, and to get to Castle Grayskull, and have a finally show down with Skeletor, and save the day once more.


Now the game starts off rather easy, but after a few levels things start to ramp up and get a little more challenging. That is what you need to collect as many crystals that are scattered through out the game. These crystals when collected act like currency so that you can buy new moves. Now if collecting crystals is not your thing , you can also purchase moves (with you own money) but thankfully you don’t need to purchase all the move to progress through the game.

The game offers a neat control system. Now rather using the traditional D-pad or Joystick the most games offer, you just slide your finger or thumb anywhere on the screen and He-Man will move left or right, tapping on the right side of the screen will make He-Man hack and slash enemies with his sword. Having this control system give the game smooth fluid controls rather than trying to find hard to locate buttons or having to input complex, confusing, button taps.

The visuals remain very close to the cartoon, but with a more modern upgrade to it, and I would love to say that it all looks good. Many of the characters make an appearance in the game too. Such as Man-At-Arms , Orko , and even She-Ra(He-Man’s twin sister) she is also a playable character, and well as many of baddies, such as Beast-Man, and the Horde’s soldiers .

He-Man: The most powerful game in the universe, is fun , funny, and having this game out in the market gives a true tribute to the beloved cartoon that most gamer grew up watching. Playing this game just brought back a huge load of childhood memories. The game is $0.99 at the Google play store. Happy Gaming Gamers




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