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When we have a company like Rebellion develop a game for the mobile market, then that game is really a must play title! And when that game is titled Guns 4 Hire, you get extremely curious to give it a try, especially because we’re talking about a free game here. But is it really that good? Read my Guns 4 Hire review and find out!

Without any intro video and just with some very brief instructions, you find yourself straight into the battlefield, commanding a group of 4 mercenaries on a mission. The view is top down and you have enemies coming your way from all directions, but you quickly realize that if you tap the enemies, your mercenaries attack them. Also, tapping a place on the screen instructs them all to move there.

guns 4 hire review

Action packed, with extra goodies like grenades, airstrikes, healing power-ups and so on, Guns 4 Hire does manage to charm you with its amazing graphics and fast paced gameplay.

After each mission is completed (and they don’t take too long, usually), you go “home” where you can upgrade your squad members (improve their weapons, buy new apparel and heal them), and prepare for a new mission. It’s pretty upsetting that immediately after your first mission, you realize that healing your squad takes about 30 minutes or all your health packs (with additional ones available for 12,000 coins, which is A LOT) This is the first sign that you have that Rebellion are kind of trying to push you to spend real money on their free game, and this is never a good sign.

After the wait period is over, you are ready for a new mission. You can select from multiple difficulty levels (Skirmish, Battle, War and Overkill), but all of them take place on the same “map” and usually take no more than 5 minutes to complete. It’s great for the idea of gaming on the go, but I don’t like that for every 5 minutes of play time I need to wait at least 30 for my squad to be healed. So actually, Guns 4 Hire becomes more of a waiting game than the action packed, fast paced titled you saw at first.

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There are also some minor problems with controlling your squad: you can only control them all at once, and not send individuals into specific locations, which means that the slow guy with a rocket launcher will die immediately when you’ll send everybody to fight at close range, or that your close range guy will be useless if you try to keep the distance. So Guns 4 Hire is more about quick reflexes and mindless action than any type of strategy, which becomes useless as long as you can’t control individuals.

And that’s really a bad thing because the graphics of the game are top notch and the concept is pretty nice and should deliver a ton of fun. Instead it delivers a game that does all it can to try and convince you to pay some real money for 5 more minutes of gaming, which doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

So, unfortunately, despite the positives, I can’t really recommend Guns 4 Hire because it quickly becomes painfully boring and fragmented because of all those waiting times. Too bad, too bad!

Final rating: 2 out of 5

You can head over to Google Play and download Guns 4 Hire if you want to!

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  • A Griffiths March 10, 2013, 2:14 AM

    You’re incorrect. You can have individul control over characters, selecting an individual and targeting an area will send the selected character to the specific area without afecting the other characters. Also, healing times can be reduced by purchasing hat /helmet upgrades, reducing the time in which players heal. A well balanced game with the option of grinding or throwing some cash at it. The game can be completed with, or without, the need to purchase IAP’s.