Hot! Guide to Samsung Galaxy S3 Notification Bar / Status Bar Icons

There are many different icons that can appear on your Samsung Galaxy S3 Notification Bar (aka Status Bar) and since not all of us have been born experts, we might not know from start what each of these icons means. I am here to share with you a guide to the Samsung Galaxy S3 notification bar icons and tell you exactly what each of the icons you can see in the status bar means.

And just before we start, it’s also worth knowing that we can drag downwards the indicator area for more details, then drag it up to hide that panel.

Now let’s check out what each of the notification bar icons of the Samsung Galaxy S3 means!

- No signal


- Signal Strength


- Connected to GPRS Network


- Connected to EDGE Network


- Connected to HSDPA Network


- Wi-Fi Ap Connected


- Bluetooth activated


- GPS-based services in use


- Call in progress


- Missed call


- Device connected to computer


- No SIM card


- New Message


- Alarm Activated


- Roaming (outside of service area)


- Silent Mode Activated (vibrate)


- Silent Mode Activated (mute)


- Flight Mode


- Error Notification


- Battery Power meter


And here you have it! These are the icons that appear in the Samsung Galaxy S3 Status Bar and you now know what they all mean. I hope you find this info very useful!


  1. You missed one. It’s the no signal symbol with an i in it. Don’t know what it means

    • What is this one? I have it on my phone and it stays after restarting it. Signal is good, 3g is good, wifi and blutooth are off.

    • I had that problem too, its your notification symbol with a line in it. It just means you need to scroll down your notification bar and turn on your notifications. It looks like the symbol you just described except without the line through it. Just turn it on and your problem will be fixed, one more thing. It will pop up two arrows going in opposite direction then it’ll ask you something about agreeing to it, just press agree and your problem will be fixed.

      • I just had the problem and managed to fix it by myself. Pull the notification menu down and on the top menu, find the icon which says “Notification” (right next to Power saving icon) Then turn on the icon button. The notification bars will appear again :)

  2. Could be an update perhaps?

  3. You missed one, the no notification icon.

  4. i have a no signal symbol that has an i in it and i don’t know how to get rid of it. any ideas anyone??

  5. I have the. No notifications symbol (I in the circle with the slash) ive reset my phone twice and it still there. There is no I on the notifications list with the wifi, bluettoth, data on/off, etc…..for me to turn on so it can go away. I just bought the s3 Friday and two factory resets already and this symbol that wont go not impressed.

  6. Pull down the tray and turn on notifications.

  7. Does anyone know what an eye symbol with eye lashes above the eye is for? I’ve noticed it a few times on my notification bar. I can’t do anything with it…it appears for a short time, then goes away…any ideas?

  8. What about the “down arrow” icon (downloads?) – want to get rid of those

  9. Ok I have several that you missed.
    1. A blue icon with an S for Samsung
    2. A gray icon that looks like a cassette tape reel.
    3. A blue icon that looks like a telephone handset with three bars.

  10. The eye means its tracking your eye movement through front facing cam. to turn it off go into settings to disable. i never really likes it anyways

  11. I have one you missed
    Capital N with 3 blue signal bars on bottom of left side of N

  12. I have the same issue as Brian
    Capital N with 3 blue lines in the corner
    Anyone have any idea as to what this is?

  13. I also have the N WITH 3 BLUE LINES AND am curious about the meaning.

  14. I have a square that is on a corner and had a cross hair in it what does that mean?

  15. Also have the capital N with bars. Just noticed today

  16. Yes I too have the capital N WITH THE BLUE LINES Has anyone any suggestions !!!!

  17. I have the eye symbol that is for the smart stay function stuck on. I have turned off the smart stay but the symbol is still there. Also my battery just started draining very quickly over the last few days on standbye mode. I will not get my phone out of my pocket until lunchtime after being charged all night and the battery will be at 40 or so percent. Any ideas?

  18. I too have been getting the eye symbols pop up ? What is it ? And seems battery is constantly needing to be charged.. for a new mobile.. this is concerning :-(

    • It’s not concerning to have to constantly recharge your battery… when I use the phone intensely, I have to charge it once every 24 hours. If you play some recent games with top graphics, they can even drain your battery in a couple of hours.

  19. I turned off my notifications icon and now its disappeared, does anyone know how I can get it back on the. Otifications bar please?

  20. Sorry should have read, i tunred the notificTions icon off on my status bar and now it has disappeared. Does anyone know how I can retrieve it back to the notifications panel, please?

  21. Go to ur software update and download the new update should fix it superstoked at the moment been waiting forever for this one

  22. I have several update notification icons on my bar. How do I access so I can tell which apps are updating?. Thanks for your time. Galaxy lll.

  23. My notifications menu wont drop down at all. How can I fix this?

  24. I have a square that is on a corner and had a cross hair in it what does that mean?

  25. Top of mt browser i have what looks like a man in a hat icon..just noticed it . No idea what its for. Help???

  26. I have a house with a wifi signal above it. It’s very small and located just above the signal strength indicator. Any idea what that is???

  27. What does the target with the bars to
    The right of it mean

  28. Im getting a icon that looks like an eye..what does that mean??

  29. The icon with a diamond (or square) is E911 mode. It can’t be disabled. It simply means that if you call 911 the police will be able to find your phone from its cell signal.

  30. The man in a hat in the browser means you are in incognito mode. It is Google’s version of in-private browsing. Upon exit, your cookies and browser history will be deleted. To exit, pinch (zoom out) and then hit the (-) icon in the corner of the window.

  31. I have a icon at the top corner…lower case i in a circle with a line in it..dnt know what it is..please help

  32. My notification bar won’t roll up or down. How do I turn it back on to roll it down. Going nuts.

  33. I have an alarm icon with the little noise lines coming out of the little speaker on my drop down bar up top that was never there before now I don’t know how to vet ride of it

  34. I cant sliDe my notification panel down. I used to be able to, idk what I did to it but it just will not pull down, the synbol appears in the top left corner but I canot drag it diwn what so ever, help please its frustrating!

  35. I have a white box pointing to left with a line through middle any ideas what this is I cant get clear it?

  36. I have the same as evelyn, a white box pointing left with a line though it,and I can’t find out what it is so someone please help

  37. There is an eye in my status bar. What is this?

  38. Since no one answered the questions about the capital N with the signal bars its your NFC on which allows data exchange when your device touches another device. Turn it off by going to “more settings” and switch off “NFC”.

  39. Cheers Mandy, I had the n with the lines too but not any more.

  40. The eye icon indicates Smart Screen features are available (stay on, pause on look away, scroll).
    the hand icon indicates air gestures are available (scroll, switch tabs, etc.)

  41. I have another symbol popping up when I take a picture. Its always of a computer screen/monitor with arrows pointing left to right coming out of the right side of the computer monitor. Someone plz tell me what this could be? Thanks!

  42. I cant dial no asa I started to connect to the no I dial a white screen appears for a second n again the no keypad appears due to which I cant make a call

  43. When I first got my galaxy 3 my wifi icon & signal strength icon were blu & I never had any connection problem. Now they are gray occaisionaly I have full strenth & no connection whatsoever. Please help me….anybody.

  44. I have a briefcase with a check mark in it…anyone?

  45. I am getting a square icone and agreen receiver in it with a cross line . I have korean s3 version. What does it mean ?

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