Grim Fandago Remastered Review

I love old games that have been remastered for current-gen consoles and devices. I recently found Grim Fandago, an old game from the 90’s, available for Android. Here is my take on the game:

The game takes place in a land where the dead rules. Here, the deceased must find their way from the wilderness to their final resting place. We play as Manny Calavera, who is a travel agent for these souls looking for their resting place. Manny Calavera is the hero as well. In the beginning of the game, you lose a client, and must now find her to correct your error. Hooked yet?

The story is great, especially with witty one-liners. The game has a film noir tone, which I absolutely love in games. The graphics in the game are also quite good. The visuals are pretty much the same as in the original game, but with better 3D models. The game uses a touch and click type of controls which fits the game perfectly.

The game is honestly very fun to play. However, it is equally difficult as well. There are tons of puzzles, which sometimes are difficult to finish. One thing I definitely hated about this game is the fact that you get sent back a long way in the game if you manage to fail your task. This only affects a small amount of the first few levels though.

Anyways, Grim Fandago is really good and you should definitely at least try it. I had a good time playing it. Get Grim Fandago here for $9.99!

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