Google’s Gem: Android

Google has been responsible for many innovations in recent past, however, a decade prior no one could have predicted the reach that the company would attain in the search engine, industry, mobile, and tech markets collectively. With its founders, Sergei Brin and Larry Page, showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, Google has become a monolithic testament to technological innovation. In the case of some of their most popular products, the Android platform included, Google may have found a permanent home in a market previously dominated by the industry giant Apple.

It was readily apparent that Apple had found an incredible portion of the mobile market who desired a phone that not only acted as a communications device but, rather, proved to be a media hub capable of bringing its users to the forefront of all that is relevant and popular.

The truth of the matter is that you probably knew someone who had an iPhone in 2007, and your closest friends could name off all the people they knew with the stylish devices.  Apple’s iPhone broached a market of individuals from all walks of life: from the business-oriented, to teenagers, to the young and old. iPhones made the their mark in popular culture the best way an Apple product could: through mass-market penetration. However, in recent past, it has become obvious that Apple may have serious competition moving forward: the Android mobile platform.

The Android and Apple debate has many parallels to the Microsoft and Apple debate which seems to gain more fuel as time goes on. The crux of the argument(s) being, of course, open vs. closed. Apple supports a monopolistic approach to their software and hardware which has proven to make their products carry a large degree of brand recognition. Anyone can attest to the ease associated with recognizing what Apple products look and feel like. Yes, ‘feel’. A phenomenon that has made its mark in the hearts and minds of anyone who has had the opportunity to visit an Apple store in recent past. It can be assured that any lover of all things tech will be right at home in one of these white-walled establishments.

The Android operating system, on the other hand, is open to any hardware developer ready to fit the bill for the license. This has resulted in consistent contributions to the size, shape, scope, and reach that the Android platform has achieved.  New hardware being released from top-name manufacturers like Samsung, Nokia and the like has resulted in a platform that is being improved upon on a daily basis rather than the annual incremental jumps associated with Apple’s iPhone. The open-model allows for a greater level of creativity and potential for the Android platform which benefits consumers and developers alike. Allowing for the increased market reach that Android will need to combat against their competitors.

Conclusively, Google has created a fantastic addition to the mobile gaming market and it will be incredibly satisfying to view the evolution of the Android operating system as time moves on.

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