Google delays launch of new Android Wear OS

The plan was to launch Wear 2.0 in the fall, but now Google has postponed it.


This gives Google more time to test beta versions (which is also the official reason for the delay). Today they also launched a third test version for developers. New in Wear 2 includes Play Store that allows you to download apps and clock face directly from the clock with WiFi as well as LTE.

Google points out that all smart watches on the market will support the final version of Wear 2.0 when the OS is launched early next year, and that in the future version, you will not be required to approve app purchases on mobile – to authenticate the clock should be enough.

While the delay is a fact, it is rumored that Huawei is considering dropping Android on their upcoming smart watches, and instead possibly adopt Samsung’s watch-OS Tizen.

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