Gold Diggers Review

When you combine the success of games such as Jetpack Joyride, and with the style of Ridiculous Fishing, you get Gold Diggers, an endless runner game that is fun and simple to play.

The game is a twitchy arcade blast that you control with a single finger, dodging through caverns to grab as many chunky nuggets as you can. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it has that elusive one-more-go quality, that seems to set this game apart. You play as a gold miner, who is piloting a steam-style drill like train down through the earth. And your objective is simple; get as far as you can go, and while you are doing that, collect as many gold nuggets as you can.

When you first start the game, things will start off very slowly, getting used to the swerve like controls, and then you will have to swerve your way past different obstacles. Playing this game almost reminds me of the movie Tremors, as you are munching your way down the earth. And once you reach down enough, things will start to speed up, and then you will start to find yourself finding danger at almost every turn.


This game has  various room types, each randomized when you enter, which maintain enough gameplay variety to keep you both interested and on your toes. Some rooms will have you dodging enemies from below, while others have you catching speed boosts to escape attacks from above. They vary quite a bit in difficulty, with endeavors like avoiding lava requiring the most precision. There’s nothing anyone would call “new” on the obstacle list, but the shuffle really keeps the world feeling complete and fresh. At times you can pick up a gun power up that will let you destroy everything in your path for a short time, but other than that it’s just you and your reactions standing between victory and catastrophic death.

The tram is made up of three carriages, and these represent your lives. Take three thwacks from anything and it’s Game Over – unless you buy some of the repair power-ups that let you start a run from where you died.

Gold Diggers is a free game waiting to be downloaded onto your Android device, this game is worth to check out and play. Happy Gaming Gamers, Can you “Dig It?”

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