Galaxy Dash: Race to Outer Run Review

SuperMo0n Games was created by Jim Vessella, Kyle Van Meurs, and Simon Armstrong, and these three men are so passionate about the gaming industry, they got together and started doign their own thing by creating their studio earlier this year, which is based on San Francisco, CA.

Their first game to date is Galaxy Dash: Race to Outer Run, believe it or not, this endless runner is a beautiful, fun and exciting game to play. If you like endless runners, and space shooter games, then Galaxy Dash may  be the game to try out.

The is about space exploration, as SuperMoon Games gives player an opportunity to have control of a space ship. But you do have to keep in mind that this is an endless runner game, and since the game’s visual are beautiful to look at, you do not have the time to really take a look at the cool looking environments.

Galaxy Dash: Race to the Outer RunAnd just like any other endless runner out at the Google Play Store, the controls are the same, you have to move left and right to change lanes to avoid hitting obstacles. But you will notice that you will not have to swipe up or down, that’s because the game’s background will adjust up and down, which is nice and all, but it can at times affect your perception.

When you first start Galaxy Dash you will go through a short tutorial, but just like any other game in order to be successful you will need a little practice. Another cool thing to admire here is tapping on the screen will allow you to shoot asteroids or enemy space ships, that may be in your lane, and shooting them will give you points or crystals. And crystals here act as the games currency, which you can use to upgrade your ship or you can use it to buy another ship.

Galaxy Dash: Race to the Outer RunUpgrading your ship is pretty straight forward and is handled pretty easily in a menu screen. Power cores are sparsely populated as you travel to different regions as well. The power cores give you the option of continuing a run if you meet a timely end by colliding with an asteroid, or if you get shot by another space ship. You can upgrade your shields, weapons and cargo bay. You will accrue more points by increasing the amount of cargo you are able to carry, because at the end of each level/run, you drop off the cargo you have collected at a space station.

As you play more into the game you will travel to different regions of the galaxy. And besides collecting crystals and points, you will also have to collect different cargo items. When you upgrade your cargo, this will determine how much cargo your ship will be allowed to carry.

And along with upgrading and buying different ships, you can also add and upgrade crew members as well. Just like the ships there are different crew members to choose from. Each crew member is different and all have different abilities that can be upgraded.

Galaxy Dash: Race to Outer Run is a fun game to play,  anyone can easily get into the game, and have enjoying it. The games visuals are beautiful and vibrant, and the games music is very catchy and pleasing to the ear.

Galaxy Dash: Race to Outer Run

Galaxy Dash: Race to Outer Run

The game also has leaderboards and 25 achievements to obtain. If you are a fan of endless runners or if you are just looking for a new game to play then you may want to give Galaxy Dash a go…and its free. Happy Gaming Gamers

Galaxy Dash: Race to Outer Run gets a 4/5

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