Free-To-Play Crossy Road Makes 1M Dollars

We always berate games with free-to-play models for being pay-2-win, but this one particular game has made 1 million dollars (and counting) while still keeping the integrity of the game intact.

Crossy Road is a game where you control animals who are trying to cross a very busy road, similar to the legendary Frogger from way back. Even though the game does have in-app purchases for buying more cute blocky animals to cross the road with (no gameplay advantages to buying more animals, the IAPs are purely cosmetic), that’s not where the majority of the developer’s income is coming from.

Their developers have cleverly integrated Unity Ads into the game without being obtrusive to players. You see, in addition to buying additional characters with real money, you can also purchase them with in-game coins, which can be earned during gameplay or by watching their 15-second advertisement videos of other games. These videos are purely optional however. If you do not want to watch them, you can still earn these coins during gameplay, albeit a bit slower.

“I played Disco Zoo and thought that video ads were a really good way to earn money without getting into people’s faces. We just needed to figure out a fun reason for players to watch them”, said Matt Hall, one of the co-founders.

The game has been lauded for having a very fair free-to-play model and an unobtrusive ad system. For more information, you can read the full interview at Unity’s blog post here.

To download the game, visit their Google Play Store page here.


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