Hot! Farm Up! Cheats: Tips and Guide for a Perfect Farm

Farm Up is an insanely addictive and good looking farm simulation game, one that you are probably hooked on already. With the release of the game on Android, I am happy to be able to share with you some Farm Up cheats – mostly tips and tricks on how to play the game, how to get more gold, how to bring in the characters and basically how to have a great farm running.

If you have other tips and tricks for Farm Up, complete our cheats article by commenting below the article and sharing your knowledge with the other Farm Up! players – this way we can all benefit and improve our game! Now let’s check out the Farm Up! cheats and tips below!

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How to bring in the extra characters

Probably most of you are wondering what to do to bring grandpa in Farm Up, or maybe the husband or how to bring grandma to Farm Up. The short answer is to complete quests – each character arrives after a particular quest, so if you work hard on getting the quests done, you will soon have your entire family join you over at the farm.

How to get Husband: he joins early in the game, after completing a quest that requires you to plant 10 tomatoes.
How to get Grandma: You will get a quest that requires you to rebuild the Guest House. Complete it to have grandma on your farm.
How to get Grandpa: He joins up later in the game, after you complete the Sawmill quest.

How to get more energy in Farm Up

You will probably run out of energy really fast in the game, but fortunately you can get some extra energy without spending real money: simply use the blue jars that you collect while performing various activities and get extra energy. Don’t but the more expensive energy packs, as you end up paying more for your energy. Instead, purchase the +5 energy for 7 jars as often as you need it.

How to get more jars? The easiest way to do it is to keep an eye on groundhogs and butterflies (when they have sparkles on). Tap them and eventually you will get some extra jars. Also performing tasks around the farm will earn you these jars.

How to get more gold in Farm Up

Gold is the premium currency in the game and you need it to speed up things or buy premium items. In order to get more gold, you can always spend some bucks (you will also get some extra energy if you purchase). But if you don’t want to spend real money, logging in for five days in a row rewards you with gold. So it pays to be active!

Also, you can connect your game to Facebook and Twitter and share your quest completion results there for extra gold!

Here are some other random tips and tricks for you to consider while playing Farm Up!

- Collect water when you have nothing else to spend your energy on. You will need water to speed up the growth of your crops.
- However, there is no need to use water as your crops will grow perfectly without it. Watering crops gives you extra goodies, but also consumes energy, so make sure to use it wisely and only when you really need it.
- Don’t let your crops wither! You have double the time required for a crop to ripe before it withers. Make sure you plan your crop planting accordingly.
- Level up for new quests! If you run out of quests, leveling up seems to trigger the launch of new ones. Also, make sure you complete all your quests before hoping to get new ones.
- Be patient! This is the tip that I always have to share when talking about games like Farm Up. We usually want to do as much as possible as fast as possible, but the game is made in such a way that we simply can’t (without spending a fortune). So take your time, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. We have a really great game here and there’s no need to rush things!

And these are my Farm Up tips and tricks for you. Don’t hesitate to let us know of any strategies you might have!


  1. You can recharge energy bar simply by setting the clock on your computer back an hour when in game, then close the game and set your computer clock to the right time again.

  2. but I don’t understand what quest to be completed..for everything husband is required..
    he is not coming though I got 85 tomatoes

  3. i alrady have a samwill but still no grandpa.. jennifer also gave me a quest to earn 1000 silver coins for a budget in renovating the guesthouse. i have done all that but still the guesthouse is not yet renovated and granda is not still there. and i really love to build the school but there’s no grandpa to use the samwill to give me boards. urgghh..

  4. how do you get the pastry machines to work i have already grown wheat and oats and corn

  5. how do rotatethe fences so youve made a squarish shape?

  6. mal bunları herkez biliyor

  7. I am try to find out where i place the building on farm up can’t get in to the shool our the brick making building till i put the building where they belong pleases tell me what. to do

    • The school is near the bus stop. it should be placed there automatically but if you have grass, stones or a tree stump in the way then a building can not be placed so make sure there’s a big enough clearing for it

  8. I am having a hard time repairing the farm house. Every time I try to a little dialogs bubble pops up saying, “no path to there”. Any suggestions?

    • Hi James :) I encountered the same and then I tried to isolate the possible causes. Make sure no stuff/decorations near the window on the side of the house. That is the area where husband will move as he fixes the house

  9. just change the time of your pc and as u open the game the crops will be ready to harvest

  10. Does anyone know how to work the school? I built it, I started and finished a training session but now it just sits there with a light bulb over it and you cannnot select the school and it’s been about 24 hours now.

    • the person who you trained has to collect the certificate, so if the husband is busy building something, you have to wait. once done as long as you click on it he will go over and collect it.

      however, see my previous post about training – not all its cracked to be

  11. I am not sure if this works on all platforms but i have a mac. in mac you can move from one window to another. well if you are playing farm up and have another window say safari open, if you stay on safari for about 20 minutes and go back to farm up, after it restarts you will find that you have speeded things up incredibly! e.g., a crop that should have taken 3 hours to ripen would have completed and the timer on farm up would reset to the beginning. the most affected are the chicken pen. i once gathered a thousand eggs in a day from constantly doing this. it affects the factories as well. i now have about a thousand realore gems and i am only on level 24 after playing for just a 2 weeks. try it and see.

    oh also, the butterflies have a bit of a system to them. they change flight about 3 times on average. wait till the 3rd flight change then click on them to get the goodies. but also you have to analyse their colour! they start out loping all white or yellow and sparkly. after a few changes in direction they become bluish (realore gem) or dirty yellow – something for your collection. spend some time watching them and you will get the hang of it.

    the mole has 2 types of movement – a head nod and a scratching of his face. wait till he head nods then count to 5 before clicking for a gem or scratches his face twice.

    the fish/shark is like a real fish – you can only catch him by clicking on his nose/front end.

    consider NOT watering or tending to your plants – its a waste of energy and water which is not cost effective! also DO NOT train jenny in hoeing or watering if you follow my previous advice you do not need her to do these and the training takes gold.

    in the school the only people to really train are the husband pops and grand mum.

    ignore the grass and stones and tree stumps once you have gotten to the stage where the husband and pops appears as they cost one energy and just give you one item back but when go to the forest (pops) and stone quarry (husband) you get 2 for each energy spent – more efficient.

    the barn – do NOT sell anything if you can as the quests will always ask you for the item you have just sold! very frustrating. if you do have to seek, make it the hens eggs as not so asked for in quests. have a variety of sheep – the brown is more asked for in quests than the white but don’t ever sell wool if you are low on money.

    i have never spent real money on this game and have had loads of fun. its not as slow and tedious as others suggest.

    try my tips and enjoy!

  12. How do you buy a bigger trough for your chicken pen? It isn’t in the market.

  13. How do I get to shear the sheep? It is not working.

    • Have you got grandma yet? she is the only one that tends the animals. click on the space between the sheep and the edge of the fence and she will come and shear it as long as she is not sweeping in which case it says ‘grandma is busy’

  14. My Grandpa has stopped working! He won’t collect the honey or fix the pens etc can anyone help

  15. Does anyone know how to work the school? I built it, I started and finished a training session but now it just sits there with a light bulb over it and you cannnot select the school and it’s been about 24 hours now. all my people are free and are doing nothing. it was the one with the water buket.


  17. Tip for getting gold.
    I don’t know if this works on all versions of the game but it does work on the Kindle Fire. Save up 16 gold and then go to the add energy menu, it should have where you can get 4 hours unlimited energy. Once you activate it plant radishes each time you plant or harvest you get a chance for a collection item. You SHOULD get enough of the kitchen collection to get more gold then you spent. Each collection is worth 3 gold and 100 xp. You can plant other crops too but the radishes get done quick and give you more chances for collections. WARNING: there is always a chance that you will not get more gold then you started with! I however have never gotten less than 21 gold this way and have even gotten 33 gold once.

  18. How do you clean the chicken or sheep pen?

  19. How do you complete the challenge from Husband “this fresh air is making me sleepy. What can we do to perk up.”

  20. How do you speed up the repair time on a house?

  21. Can the farm be expanded? I need the sheep and cow pens and other buildings but the farm is pretty small. Do they ever let you expand the farm?

  22. How do you get more animals I just have two chickens I want more and different animals

  23. Not all of the plants wither at the same rate. You say it is double the growth time but some of them are not. Pineapple for example has a growth time of 2 hours but a wither time of 1 hour 24 minutes.

    Does anyone know the time reductions for the various plant interactions. I have figured out that watering them reduces by 10% of the total time but I cannot figure out what the other things reduce the time by — ie weeding, fertilizing, bug-killing.

  24. how do i get the gesthous fiks

  25. what do you have to do to fix the quest house?

  26. How do you collect and exchange tools before grandpa gets there?

  27. How can I go to the other states on the map and when can I fix the light house and go fishing? I’m on level 20.

  28. se site ne sert a rien du tout quand des hack qui permette d’avoir l’or et l’argent en illimités sont sorti il y a bien longtemp !!!

  29. I know this might sound like a stupid question…but how do i catch butterflies?

  30. Was wondering if anyone could help me. I had a goose and it disappeared. Now the chickens won’t eat or lay. I have full feed and water troughs and have completed 14 and 15 with no eggs or goose. I would like to find out if anyone else is having the same trouble.

    • The goose is actually sitting on the nest – click on the nest and you will see the check mark, wait for Grandma to collect the eggs. Shortly after that you should see the Goose wandering back to the farm (from the upper left side) and will get itself back into the pen.

  31. Was wondering if anyone could help me. I had a goose and it disappeared. Now the chickens won’t eat or lay. I have full feed and water troughs and have completed 14 and 15 with no eggs or goose. I would like to find out if anyone else is having the same trouble.

    • Hi confused did you already found out how to get back eggs ? i have the same with my chickens and goose… also a goose a chicken and u turkey dissapeard… help please … grz Cindy

  32. How do I make honey, for the honey quest?

  33. I accidentally placed the fountain at the small space behind the trees you see at the uppermost left of the game (The one behind Grandpa’s workplace or something). And I wanted to move it but I can’t because of the trees. I tried to grab it through the small gaps of the trees but it still didn’t work. I used the eye icon thing but it only hid Grandpa’s workplace and not the trees so I still could’t move it. Is there any way that I could move/change it? Please.

  34. Want lots of gold?
    Want to be able to play and never ever run out of energy?
    Want to plant things and never have to wait again?
    when i play i plant lots of trees like apples an pears aside my other things (lemons or a great moneymaker) but you’ll learn this all as you go allong,
    So this is my great tip: just set youre clock at 8 A.M open farm up (plant something that ‘for example’ has to ripen 1 hour , and then close farm up again, then go to youre computer and change youre clock (for example to 9 A.M ) and then open farm up again then you will see that everything is ready to pick and youre energy will never be low. HAHA GREAT TIP OR WHAT!

  35. i already finished planting tomatoes and harvested them but no signs of husband arriving.. lease help

  36. Awesome!

    This helped me a lot on here!

  37. I keep reading about people fishing, I am on level 29 how do you fish? Or is fishing just clicking the sharks nose? Also, my last update gave me a cupid so I am collecting arrows and exchanging them for presents but I noticed I also have bronze keys, does anyone know what to do with the keys?

  38. Just wondering if anyone knows what the bronze keys are for I have heaps of then and haven’t seen any use for them

  39. ok another one for those bronze keys????? What do I do with them????? and all the arrows…..

  40. How do I complete the delivery by car – need to buy a trailer quest. it says collect things they looked like rolled up brown things how do i collect these

    • The rolled up brown things are wool. Buy a sheep pen in the store and have your husband build it. Buy a brown sheep. When the sheep is in the bottom corner and lit up, click it and grandma will shear it to get wool. That will fulfill your quest.

  41. Elizabeth campbell

    How do I start working on the guesthouse?!

  42. Hi what do you do with the keys?????????? I’ve got over 60!! Please help if you can.

    Thanks Linda

  43. Have a ton of bronze keys where can I spend them???

  44. Hi, how do I collect apple juice? On level 12 please?

    • You need to build a juice factory. You can buy it in the housing section of the store. Then have your husband build it. Then make sure you have enough apples grown and click on the juice factory to select apple juice.

  45. Can’t get apple and cherry trees to plant.HELP!!

    • Click on your plot. You will see all the options of plants you can grow. There are no trees. You need to look above the options for a tree icon. After you click the tree icon you can see all the types of trees to plant. Hope that helps.

  46. I’m on level 23 and have been having issues using cupid arrows for gifts. Im collecting them but it just goes into the barn and I am only able to sell them. The same issue is happening with the gifts from the christmas update. Anyone else having similar issues??!!

  47. how do I upgrade the hen house won’t let me do it when I click on it. Please help, thanks.

  48. I keep getting reset back to level one after completing levl 13 Why???

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