Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Mobile Rumors

Hey! If you are as big a fan of point-and-click storytelling games as I am, then the developer Quantic Dreams should be familiar to you. Besides the critically acclaimed Heavy Rain and their latest Beyond: Two Souls (which stars my favorite Ellen Page!), they are also well known for a similar game they released years before they rose to fame: Fahrenheit (or if you are from another part of the world, it is called Indigo Prophecy). Now, the game COULD be coming to mobile devices. Nothing is confirmed, but there are rumors of a remastered version in the works and the listing on Amazon that tipped the media off also listed iOS and Android as possible platforms for release.

The game starts of like a crime drama show but, as so often is the case, it expands into a big conspiracy which brings the main character through a riveting adventure that we all get to play. Similar in concept to Heavy Rain and Beyond, the game will feature multiple playable characters with their own background and choices that will affect the plot of the storyline.

I am a big fan of their other games, and I’ve never played this personally, so I am very keen to get my hands on it if the rumors prove to be true.

Yes, the game does feature girls without pants (as did Heavy Rain).

If you are interested, stay tuned to Android Entity, as the announcement will no doubt come sooner or later.


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