Escape The Prison Room Walkthrough (Level 5)

If you have been following this site, or me, the last few days, you would know that I have been writing the walkthrough for Escape The Prison Room. As the title suggests, you start out in a prison cell and try to find a way out of it. Each level uses different puzzles to provide a challenging experience.

If you are still stuck on the previous levels, check out our:

Unfortunately, there are only 5 levels, so this is the end! The developer did say that more levels will be coming soon, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Similar to the other walkthroughs I have posted, I strongly recommend you try to guess the answers first. There is absolutely no fun if you just come here to copy all the answers. If you are stuck on a level, try asking around. Your friends, family or Facebook contacts might have a clue.  The whole idea of this game is the joy of finding out the answers. Don’t spoil it for yourself by taking the easy way out!

Level 5 Walkthrough

Once again, and for the last time, we are in sort of the same prison room, but with different clues.

Just like the previous four levels, take anything you can find and remember every pattern you see.

There is always something on the bed to be picked up, so that’s where we’ll look first. On the bottom bed, pick up the cloth at the corner. Then tap on the curtain on the right to reveal a hammer hiding behind. There is also a curtain holder to the right of the curtain that can be picked up (I didn’t know during my playthrough and completely missed that the first time).

On the table at the right corner of the room, tap on the bottles to pick up a bottle of oil. Combine this with the cloth and you have yourself a Molotov Cocktail.

Next, use the hammer on the nails at the side of the bed. You would think that a hammer in game would help nail it in, but hey, the hammer removed the nails! Also, use the hammer on the broom at the right corner of the room to break the broom and remove the wooden stick.

In the center of the room, there is a table with a blue bowl. Ironically, you can’t pick up the blue bowl. However, you can take what is inside: a magnet. If you are observant, there is also something hanging beneath the table. Tap on it to find an instant camera. Well, this will come in handy.

Use the camera to take a photo of the room and attach the photo to the security camera in the corner of the room. I know, this sounds like a Prison Break movie scene or what McGyver would do, am I right? Use the nails with the hammer to attach the picture to the security camera.

Combine the magnet, the wooden stick and the curtain holder to create a long-arm magnetic tool. Use this tool at the air vents to obtain a screwdriver.

Where else haven’t we looked? Oh right, the chair beside the table. Tap on it to flip it over and what do you know, there is a box of matches stuck to the underside! Combine the matches with the Molotov. We gonna start a fire, baby!

Use the screwdriver on the grill covering the fire detector on the ceiling to open it and expose the fire detector. Use the burning Molotov on the fire detector and the door will open.

In my mind, I assume this is some kind of security measure, but it would make more sense if you just imagine the guard opening the door, and you kick him in the groin, and make a run for it.

Awesome. Hope you have had fun with this game!

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