Escape The Prison Room Walkthrough (Level 4)

If you have been following this site, or me, you would know that I am currently writing the walkthrough for Escape The Prison Room. As the title suggests, you start out in a prison cell and try to find a way out of it. Each level uses different puzzles to provide a challenging experience.

If you are still stuck on Level 1 ,2 or 3, check out our:

There are only 5 levels, but they are challenging nonetheless. Brace yourself, as we head towards the penultimate level.


Similar to the other walkthroughs I have posted, I strongly recommend you try to guess the answers first. There is absolutely no fun if you just come here to copy all the answers. If you are stuck on a level, try asking around. Your friends, family or Facebook contacts might have a clue.  The whole idea of this game is the joy of finding out the answers. Don’t spoil it for yourself by taking the easy way out!

Level 4 Walkthrough

It seems apparent that all the prison rooms look similar, with only the location of things being different. So by now, you should sort of know what to do and what to look out for.

First things first, grab what you can. On the shelf, you see a bunch of things, but you can really only take the blue mug. Then, grab the wooden stool in front of the table just because you can. There is no point sitting on it anyway.

Drag the wooden stool to the mirror to break the mirror. This will shatter the mirror into pieces of glass that you can then peel away a shard. Next, use the blue mug with the barrel of water to fill it with water, and pour that water into the hole in the floor. A set of keys will float up for you to take. Don’t ask me why it didn’t sink to the bottom.

Have you checked around your bed? There are always things hidden under or on the bed. For example, check under the bedsheets to reveal a set of keys. Also check under the table to find weird pattern.

Notice a cracked wall at the left corner of the room? Use the shard of glass that you got from the mirror to break through the wall. This will reveal a strange device that requires input. Use the weird pattern from under the bed to open the device. Grab the keys inside.

Use the pattern from the book on the table to reveal a colour pattern on the radio. Finally, use the keys on the door using the same colour pattern from the radio.

Hope that helps!

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