Escape The Prison Room Walkthrough (Level 3)

If you have been following this site, or me, you would know that I am currently writing the walkthrough for Escape The Prison Room. As the title suggests, you start out in a prison cell and try to find a way out of it. Each level uses different puzzles to provide a challenging experience every time.

If you are still stuck on Level 1 or 2, check out our:

There are only 5 levels, but they are challenging nonetheless. Brace yourself. The levels only get harder and harder.


Similar to the other walkthroughs I have posted, I strongly recommend you try to guess the answers first. There is absolutely no fun if you just come here to copy all the answers. If you are stuck on a level, try asking around. Your friends, family or Facebook contacts might have a clue.  The whole idea of this game is the joy of finding out the answers. Don’t spoil it for yourself by taking the easy way out!

Level 3 Walkthrough

Just like before, we find ourselves in yet another room. This room actually looks quite similar to the one before, but here we only have 1 bed.

As mentioned in the previous walkthrough, the first thing you want to do in every level is try to find and gather everything that you can see. If you tap on the bed, you will find a book on the bottom bunk. You will discover that you can’t take it but you can open it. Leave it for now.

On the wall shelf under the mirror, there is a bowl that you can take. Finally, something to hold on to! No use for the water, so pour the water down the toilet, and don’t forget to flush! Then check out the pipe next to the shelf. There is a piece that you can remove to be used later.

Beside the door, there is a panel on the wall that is a pretty common picture scramble. Solve the puzzle by rotating the pieces to depict a pair of hands behind bars. Tap the picture when complete and take the pair of scissors from behind. What can you possibly cut with a pair of scissors? Paper?

Go back to the book on the bed and use the scissors on it. Someone left a parchment inside a book (exactly like what Prison Break’s Micheal Scoffield would do)! Use the parchment on the mirror to reveal some kind of directions. Tap on the toilet and follow the same pattern using the lever on the toilet. This will open the inside of the toilet and reveal a flashlight.

Now where can you find somewhere dark to shine a light? Oh right, under the bed! Someone brilliantly drew a secret clue on the wall under the bed. This clue is similar to the one inside the book and on the pillow on the upper bunk, but different colours. The last clue is actually in your inventory. Put the bowl back on the shelf to reveal the pattern hidden in the water.

Use these patterns to unlock the box behind the picture on the wall. (yellow, red, green, blue is the pattern to unlock it). Take the keys from inside and use them to unlock the door.

Hope that helps!

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