Escape The Prison Room Walkthrough (Level 2)

In recent weeks, I have been fooling around with this one particular game, aptly named Escape The Prison Room. As the title suggests, you start out in a prison cell and try to find a way out of it. Duh!

If you are still stuck on Level 1, check out our walkthrough for Level 1.

There are only 5 levels, but they are challenging nonetheless. Brace yourself. The levels only get harder and harder from now on.


Similar to the other walkthroughs I have posted, I strongly recommend you try to guess the answers first. There is absolutely no fun if you just come here to copy all the answers. If you are stuck on a level, try asking around. Your friends, family or Facebook contacts might have a clue.  The whole idea of this game is the joy of finding out the answers. Don’t spoil it for yourself by taking the easy way out!

Level 2 Walkthrough

We must have done something really bad to put us in a multi-level prison room. After escaping the first room, you somehow find yourself in another room?! What sorcery is this?!

To begin, channel your inner Micheal Scoffield (from Prison Break). What would he do in this situation? Remember, anything can be used as a tool, even parts of the bed frame! Every time you start a level, just try to take everything you can from the environment first.

Notice how the bed on the right has vertical metal bars? Try tapping on them and one of them will eventually pop out. Also don’t forget to take the cloth on the bed. And hey, because you are awesome, you already have a screw driver stashed under your pillow on the bed ready to make an escape. Tap on the yellow pillow on the left bed to reveal and take the screwdriver.

If you are as observant as Sherlock, you would have noticed some rings around one of the steps of the ladder. Tap to zoom into the ladder, and drag the rings back to your inventory. Another thing lying around in the room that you can take is under the left bed. Looks like a tin can or a pipe of some sorts.

Now that you have all the tools, let’s put them to good use. Open the air vent on the left side of the room using the screw driver. Take the red valve from inside.

Then, connect the pipe in your inventory to the hole in the wall next to the door. Now place the red valve onto the metal faucet. Tap the red faucet and an object will come sliding out of the pipe. Grab it and combine it with the cloth you took from the bed and the metal rings from the ladder.

Finally, use the combined object on the bottom part of the door to escape!

Hope this helps!

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