Escape the Prison Room Review

Escape the Prison Room is another escape room game that feeds on people’s satisfaction when successfully completing a puzzle. It is not too difficult that it will leave you pulling your hair out, but at the same time, some solutions can be a little nonsensical. If you have been following this site, or me, you would know that I have been writing the walkthrough for Escape The Prison Room.

Developer lcmobileapp79 sounds like a one-man team. So it comes as no surprise that there are only 5 levels, and all feature the same prison room with a different arrangement of the furniture and different puzzles. This kind of copy-paste method is lazy and obviously intended as a quick ad-cash-grab for those seeking the thrill of an escape room game. This is made even more obvious when you see that he/she has made 4 other games that look the same and are similarly titled. The developer has even promised more levels to come, but obviously that is just giving false hope.

The controls are the same as any other free escape room game. You tap on an item to use or take it or to zoom in. There are also several instances where you have to rub the screen to reveal hidden clues. That’s about it. Items collected will appear in your inventory and you can then drag it out to combine or use to something or somewhere.

Visually, the game is bland, re-using the same room for all its levels, and only changing the furniture and objects in it. The audio is negligible in a game like this. Gameplay wise, this game is definitely not genre-defining. You have probably seen similar puzzles in almost every escape room game in the Google Play Store.

So, having played all 5 levels, I can safely tell you that you are better off skipping this game. There are a million other escape room games out there that feature more diverse visuals, unique gameplay and better interaction. Only play this if there is a gun to your head.

1/5 stars.


If you are still stuck on the previous levels, check out our:

However, I strongly recommend you try to guess the answers first. There is absolutely no fun if you just come here to copy all the answers. If you are stuck on a level, try asking around. Your friends, family or Facebook contacts might have a clue.  The whole idea of this game is the joy of finding out the answers. Don’t spoil it for yourself by taking the easy way out!



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