Enchant U Review

I will start by saying that it’s a pretty awkward situation: me, as a guy, to review Enchant U, which is obviously a game aimed at a female audience. However, I decided to give it a try and see how fun (or funny) would be to play a game for girls – where I need to buy clothes, flirt with and date guys and match my purse with my shoes.

The story in Enchant U is that you are a young girl heading to college, trying to find out more about her parents who apparently met there. But there’s more about you: you have magical powers and apparently there are all sorts of people at that college, including your roommate which is a werewolf. So exactly the story youngsters impressed by today’s movies are looking for!

Is it fun? Not really.

Enchant U is your regular energy-based game (I wanted to call it “social game” first, but you can’t add friends, visit them or interact). Basically, it’s a role playing game in which you have to complete quests and the mechanics are pretty simple: you get the quest and it has some requirements for you too start (a specific rating in your good or wicked ratings). If you meet the requirements, you can start the quest. If not, you have to head to the store and buy some clothes that increase your ratings. Once the quest is started, you roll a virtual dice in order to complete the 4 stages of the quest. If you are unlucky, you will have to pay some coins to get a chance to roll again. And this is it. The whole mechanic of the game.

The problem is that Enchant U has some nice base concepts and a good story: you are a supernatural being, you can be either good or bad and you can meet guys and date them. But that’s about it and the way everything is integrated in the game lacks a lot: the actions that you do (good or bad) don’t seem to influence the way the story goes and you have to actually find some sort of balance, because you will get missions that require both good and bad ratings.

Add to that the fact that you can only get “money” (which is again good or bad) by completing missions and you will have very few reasons to be happy about. Everything seems extremely linear and you feel that you have absolutely no freedom in the game – when a quest appears that requires you to have 2 more points in your “good” attribute, an item with 2 extra points magically appears in the market and so on. Everything is scripted and there is not much choice for you.

Doing this was probably the most fun I had with the game

Add to that some very limited play time – you can perform about 3 quests per session before your energy runs out – and you won’t get to spend too much with the game.

And there are many other things that seem to be incomplete: you get tons of clothes, for example, but that doesn’t mean anything. You are not required to change clothes to make things happen, and you only end up piling them up for the bonuses they give. The boyfriends are there just to give you some bonuses as well and they don’t seem to be too useful in other aspects and… well… there’s not much to do and the story is dragging like crazy. For somebody who wants to find out more about her parents, this girl parties too much and has too many extracurricular activities.

I don’t know if the reason why I don’t like the game is that I am a male – really, I don’t see why a girl would find anything appealing about Enchant U, but then again I might be wrong. However, I will clearly uninstall this title ASAP and all I can say is that I regret the time I lost playing it. Because it was not fun.

However, if you want to give this game a try, head over to Google Play and download Enchant U.

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