Download Super Falling Fred and Jump from the Top of the World!

I haven’t played the first two games in the Falling Fred series, so Super Falling Fred really came as a breath of fresh air: innocent (or not so innocent) fun and an overall challenge you can’t ignore: throw a poor guy off the top of the world and make sure it reaches the bottom.

Sounds like an easy job? Well, it’s not, because Super Falling Fred has a ton of obstacles in the way that make his crash course a pain in the… everything. Lasers, spikes, poles and all sorts of bad things can happen as you fall, resulting in loss of limbs and bloody gore splattered all over your smartphone’s device.

The best thing? You can select a character that looks just like Justin Bieber and have fun splashing their brains all over. For some, this might be fun – it certainly was for me (and I am talking here about the game, not about smashing Justin Bieber).

If you want to give Super Falling Fred a try, you can download the game for free from Google Play and you’ll have a ton of fun afterwards. Just saying…

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