Doors & Rooms Level 3-5, 3-6 and Level 3-7 Walkthrough

And we are back with the last set of walkthroughs for Doors & Rooms, for chapter 3 and the most difficult set of missions so far. As you can see, it took us a great deal of time to complete these missions but today we’re fortunately ready to share with you the Doors & Rooms Level 3-5, 3-6 and Level 3-7 walkthrough to what are clearly the best and most challenging stages of the game so far.

So if you got stuck playing any of the levels of this amazing escape the room game, check out the solutions below and you will immediately know what to do next. Have fun!

Doors & Rooms Level 3-5 walkthrough

1. Move up a bit and get the scalpel on the table. Also, check out the monitor for the clue: the red and orange numbers must be turned into an average (90 and 75).
2. Tap the sheets and you will see a bear. Use the scalpel with its tummy and tap the incision. We need to write there the averages: 90 for red and 75 for orange. Now get the ID card.
3. Go right and take the radiography from the sink. Use it on the window to the left. Now use the ID card on the control panel and you will see that numbers 8888 will be lit above the door.
4. Now we have to think deeply – if we were to put the radiography signs over the numbers, we would get the following word: PUSH. So tap the panel to the right of the door and tap PUSH to be allowed to exit the room!

Doors & Rooms Level 3-6 walkthrough

1. Get the hanging necklace from the left of the bed, the piece of cloth from the right side of the bet and the cutter in the top drawer. Finally, take the bottle on the floor. Scroll right and get a rope from under the bed.
2. Use the necklace with the tip right of the binds and tap again in the same spot to see a code: PLEDGE
3. Tap the painting on the wall. Combine in the inventory the bottle with the cloth, then use the cloth with the red house in the painting. An X appears – use the cutter with it.
4. Tap the laptop sitting on the bed. Enter the code (PLEDGE). There is a smiley or sign on the screen. If we look at the keyboard keys, the numbers that would make those symbols are 9660.
5. Go to the painting again and tap the safe that was under the X. Enter the 9660 code and get the key.
6. Finally, use the key to open the window. Use the rope on the radiator next to the window and exit!

Doors & Rooms Level 3-7 walkthrough

1. Get the blue bottle from a top shelf, the gray one from the drawers to the left and also pick up the items from the drawers (items for a microscope). Also get the blood samples on the safe.
2. Move right a bit and take a small piece of paper that is between some black bottles on those shelves. You can observe it in your inventory to get some extra clues.
3. Now, let’s repair the microscope! Put the head of it and the other piece in the right spots then use the blood samples with then and tap to look.
4. Now we have to go and check out the blood charts on the table – use the colored bottles with each of the rows and you will get the clues about the blood group of the patients: Sila (AB), Uj (RH-O), Ruly (A), Aska (RH-A) Miro (B), Max (O)
5. Looking at the paper with the cell numbers and the clue, we end up finding you that the white circle is a 3, the black one is a 2 and the star symbol is 1.
6. Finally, using these numbers (as blood type numbers), after looking at the blood samples of the patients, we finally get the code: 697956 and we can only hope that the next challenges won’t come with a level of difficulty as demonic as this one!

But this is it! You have completed the Doors & Rooms chapter three and you have here all the walkthrough you need for level 3-5, 3-6 and 3-7, the most difficult levels of the game so far. Check out the previous walkthrough if you still need help with that or make sure to check back soon with us for an update when the game… gets updated!

UPDATE: Chapter 4 has been released and you can check out the walkthrough here for the first 5 levels!

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