Digital Escape – Metal Doors Level 21 – Level 30 Walkthrough

After completing the “warm up” levels for Digital Escape – Metal Doors in the first 20 levels, it’s time to take this walkthrough to the next level and really get things going as the game becomes more and more difficult, and the challenges harder to beat. But I am here to share with a Digital Escape – Metal Doors walkthrough for 10 more levels, level 21 – 30 and hopefully this will help you get unstuck and keep you going.

So in case that you have trouble beating any of the levels of the game, let’s check out below the Digital Escape – Metal Doors Level 21 – Level 30 walkthrough!

digital escape walkthrough

Digital Escape – Metal Doors Level 21 walkthrough
If you look closely, the “options” button in the bottom right is highlighted, and we have the value of the letters on the wall. So our code is 4293.

Digital Escape – Metal Doors Level 22 walkthrough
This is very tricky: every window will have some lights on it – count how many times the lights appear. We have 1st window with 2 lights, 2nd window with none, 3rd with 3 and 4th 1. So the code is 2031.

Digital Escape – Metal Doors Level 23 walkthrough
There are three dice: one on the table to the left, one on the one to the right and one near the leg of the table to the right. After getting the dice, shake your phone and enter the code: 4562 (the last dice is near “level”)

Digital Escape – Metal Doors Level 24 walkthrough
In the bottom right it’s written “level 2424” so the code is 2424.

Digital Escape – Metal Doors Level 25 walkthrough
The code is given by the number of legs each of the characters has (4320) because, yes, the old man has a stick.

Digital Escape – Metal Doors Level 26 walkthrough
The time above the door is 00:00, and this is our code!

Digital Escape – Metal Doors Level 27 walkthrough
Get a number near the vase, one in the top left corner and tilt the phone right to get the last number. Tapping each number in the inventory shows you its color, and the order is given by the flowers in the vase. So the code is 1095

Digital Escape – Metal Doors Level 28 walkthrough
IF you tap the numbers on the panel, you see that only 123 and 8 can be tapped. Looking at the hint next to the door, we get the order: 1328

Digital Escape – Metal Doors Level 29 walkthrough
In your head, find out the colors for the letters to the right (C is black, D is blue, E is Green and D is black). Now, based on this order, get the code from the bowls with apples on the table: 2302. However, the numbers don’t work and for some reason I don’t get right now, the order accepted is 2230. Probably they will fix this and the code will be 2302.

Digital Escape – Metal Doors Level 30 walkthrough
Each puzzle piece has parts that are outside and inside. Subtract those and you get the code (2014)

And this is it! Just 30 levels here at Digital Escape – Metal Doors and hopefully we’ll get even more!

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  • Jhon R July 8, 2013, 12:16 AM

    Thanks for such type of information.
    Jhon R

  • al March 23, 2013, 6:08 AM

    Actually…level 29, letters spell CODE and that’s why the answer is 2230 😉

  • Pls March 10, 2013, 1:40 PM

    Really good and correct tips on digital escape!