Crazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel Is a Hilarious Game

It’s been a while since I played a game laughing and I really missed that, so thanks Crazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel for the good time! Now I should repay the favour by recommending it to the entire world: it’s a must play. A hilarious must play!

Crazy Bill mixes crude humor, stars and tons of zombies in a wild action story with a retro style and innovative gameplay that you can not stop playing. Only the world’s biggest zombie stars can stay in this luxurious hotel. We reserve the right to refuse admission to humans because the fresh brain aroma disrupts the “rest” of the most famous zombies. Climb floors non-stop and discover all the dark secrets behind the Zombie Star Palace, while wiping out every zombie that gets in your way.

crazy bill

This is a pure arcade fun experience, like back in the old days, with some really impressive graphics and, if I haven’t said it already, an overdose of raw humor. Which is exactly how I like my games served, especially when they come for free.

So do yourself a favor and head over to Google Play to download Crazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel, you will love it!

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