Clash Royale – Android Review

Clash Royale is a new strategy game from giant mobile games developer Supercell. Even if you have been living under a rock, or have no interest in mobile games, you would have heard of the game Clash of Clans from your brother or your friend’s boyfriend or your friends. That game went straight up to the top of the charts for weeks as the most played mobile game.

Now Supercell has produced a magnificent follow up with Clash Royale. Set in the same universe and featuring the same characters as Clash of Clans, they have once again created a masterpiece. Where Clash of Clans is a base-building game that allows you to send your troops to attack other players’ bases, Clash Royale does away with the base-building and focuses on attacking the bases alone.

It cleverly uses the MOBA gameplay to great effect by deploying various units down two lanes. The two lanes then lead to two mini castles that protects the main castle in the middle. Whoever destroys the main castle wins the round. The tactical aspect of the game really shines as you have various forms of units to deploy using a recharging elixir meter. From melee and ranged ground troops to flying troops, and even buildings that spawn units, different units costs different amounts of elixir to deploy. Each player is only allowed to bring in 8 different units, so each unit is carefully selected and deployed at the right time with a strategy in mind.

Each round lasts for 2 minutes. At the end of two minutes, if no one has destroyed the main castle, the game is extended for another minute with double elixir recharge rate. As you can expect, this makes for a very chaotic one minute. At the end of 3 minutes, if no one has destroyed the main castle, and if both have the same number of castles standing, one more minute is extended into sudden death with whoever destroys any castle wins. If at the end of 4 minutes, both players have the same number of castles, the game ends in a draw.

Outside of the arena, you collect new units and upgrade existing ones like a collectible card game. When you win matches, you get chests that contain new cards, coins and gems. The more cards of the same kind you get, you are then able to upgrade that card/unit. Coins are generally used to buy cards or upgrade existing ones, while gems are used to buy coins or chests.

As far as their free-to-play model goes, yes there are plenty of timers that will definitely turn off those who hate them. However, the timers are only restricted to the opening of chests. You can still continue playing over and over and over again as long as your phone/tablet battery lasts, but you can only keep 4 chests, and each chest unlock after a certain period depending on the chest rank. Gold chests take a longer time to unlock than a silver chest, for example.  After you have exhausted all the 4 chest slots, you can still play on but you won’t get a chest when you win. You will, however, continue to get trophies, which are basically like your matchmaking rank. The matchmaking system will match you with someone with the same amount of trophies.

The amount of trophies you have also unlock new arenas and new cards, so you do have an incentive to keep playing. Upgrading cards will earn you points that go into an overall player level that determines the health and damage of your towers. I know there is a lot to take in, but once you start playing, it really is simple enough for any casual player.

I think I’ve explained enough about the game. Whoever you are, whether or not you like games, you should definitely try this out. On the surface it looks really simple, but the strategies involved can be very deep and exciting. New cards often offer new opportunities to try out a new tactic too. This is free anyway and I’ve never been compelled to spend my real life money on anything in the game. If you don’t trust me, read reviews from every mobile site on the web. They all give the game top marks and highly recommend it.

Similarly, I’ll give it a 9.5/10.


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