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I have just shared with you the details about City Island, a pretty cool city building game for Android, and it’s now the time to go more in depth with it and see what to do to play the game better. I have decided, therefore, to search for some City Island cheats (which are really hard to come by, by the way), so we’ll have to focus more on old school tips & tricks that will make your life easier and your city smoother to build.

So let’s check out below some City Island tips & tricks for a better strategy and a better performing city!

city island tips tricks
1. Keep an eye on the ocean!
There you can find pirate chests every now and then (I am not sure if you can find them before level 6, but once you unlock the port, you surely will) and they have great treasures!

2. Keep the right balance between happiness, houses and workers.
You probably know already that in order to expand your population, you need to build residences, but these won’t be filled with people if your happiness levels are low (increase happiness by buying decorations like trees and parks and building community buildings). If you don’t have enough people working, then a business will generate less revenue, so try to find the right balance and always have a bit more people than jobs.

3. How to increase happiness cheaper.
Community buildings increase the happiness by a lot, but they are also pretty expensive. So buy parks and trees instead (you can place the trees in areas where you can’t build houses, so this is another bonus of theirs), therefore saving more money for houses and businesses, as well as space in your city!

4. Keep tapping the question marks above the cars – they will always offer you something good, either coins or extra XP points.

5. Upgrade instead of building more.
There’s no real reason to occupy space (unless you want to complete the quests), so focus on upgrading. Upgrading is not too expensive and you will increase the stats of your buildings by a lot, so it’s really worth doing it! Don’t forget though about the happiness and the whole thing that we talked about at #2.

6. Get gift codes
You can keep an eye on (or like) the game’s Facebook page, the developers keep posting gift codes there, which will always come in handy!

7. Play often
Log in as often as you can, just for 30 seconds or so to collect your income – longer play sessions are better, but if you can’t do that, whenever you’re having a break, you can log in for a little in the game and collect. You don’t really must spend more time, unless you really have it!

8. Be patient and have fun!
You can’t get an amazing city in just a couple of days, so be patient and have fun. Enjoy the experience and relax and slowly grow your city. There’s no rush to go to the “top”!

And these are my City Island tips, tricks and strategy advice for the Android game. I hope you find them useful and that they will help you bring your city to new heights.


  1. After playing this amazing game for hours now I had not enough gold to buy some funny stuff. So I searched for a cheat to get more gold and maybe cash. On the internet I found nothing. I had to examine something for myself to cheat cash and/or gold and found it. WARNING: THIS ONLY WORKS ON ROOTED devices because you have to update restricted apps-data. You must update the database cityisland.db in root:/data/data/com.sparklingsociety.cityisland/databases. First copy with root-explorer or ghost-explorer the file cityisland.db to an editable area such as /storage/sdcard/ or whatever. Than install a free sqlitemanager (I used aSQLiteManager). Now open this copied cityisland.db with the sqlitemanager and open table gamestate. Edit the table data and you will see alot of fields. You see also fields CASH(field 4)and GOLD (field 6) with your current amounts. You can change them to reasonable amounts like I did e.g. 17 million cash and 200.000 gold. Save and exit your sqlitemanager and copy the file back to the root:/data/data/… etc. Thats why you needed a rooted device. Maybe you have to restart City island a second time to see the new cash and gold values…. Happying playing….

  2. can you tll me how to do all that

  3. old school hack

    Play the game. Build what you want then. Exit and goto your phone settings. Goto date and time settings .advance the day by one or the time by 2or 3 doesnt really matter. Return to game you shouldve accumalated money or.y
    our buildings are upgraded completed

  4. I’m having a problem and I can’t find help for it anywhere. My banner bar is still on screen when the game loads so the bit at the top telling how much cash and gold I have is hidden. Has anyone run across this or mor importantly, know how to fix it

  5. How do you expand your city…..when you start the game there is a fence around the corner of the island how do you expand it

  6. The names file cityisland.db is not in the directory /data/data/com.sparklingsociety.cityisland/databases

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