Chrome update 54 adds less mobile data usage

Google has obviously more in stock and this news is aimed at those who either have limited mobile data a month or located in a place with poor access to mobile broadband.

The built-in “Data Saver” mode in the browser will soon be able to compress videos which means that MP4 videos will use 67 percent less data. In addition, Chrome will show a “streamlined” version of its website for people who have a slow connection, 2G and the like.

These webpages downloads twice as fast and use 90% less data:

In addition, Chrome 54, some have to wait for version 55,  has a new download feature that allows you to download entire web sites, including music, video and photos, so you can access them when you’re offline.

These new features are mainly intended for people in developing countries, but will probably handy for those who want to save some mobile data where they can.

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