Choice Of The Vampire Review

Choice Of The Vampire is an interesting “game”, if you will. Do you remember those choose-your-own-adventure books? Well, this is more or less a digital version of those. So, for players craving an interactive story over a shoot-em-up or frag fest, this may be of interest to you. Despite a lack of any real graphics to speak of, this game provides some of the most fun I’ve had on my Android phone in a good while.

There really isn’t much I can say about the “gameplay” that I haven’t already mentioned. But for those unfamiliar, the premise is this. The game tells a story, much akin to reading an ebook. However, the difference here is, more often than not, at the end of each page, you’re presented with a choice. This can rage from a meager choice between two similar options to an expansively branching 6+ choices. This game has a very large scope, and it truly feels like with most of the choices, you’re crafting your own personal tale.

Now, the name of the game is Choice Of The Vampire, and as the title would indicate, you’re playing a vampire. However, how you become a vampire, and by whom, is completely your choice to make within the game. Set during the 1800’s, the game sees you assuming a role in the secret vampire society, starting in New Orleans. How you get there, and where you go from there, are completely up to you.

This game in particular has a very customizable cast of characters. The person who turns you into a vampire can be anything from a crooked priest to a simple thief and beggar. And no matter what sort of character you shape, they’re individualized, diverse, and unique amongst the others. Needless to say, my playthrough as a former slave turned into a vampire by a priest who thinks he’s a God was drastically different than my playthrough where I was a laborer, turned into a vampire by a religious pirate.

The storylines in this game are top-notch, engrossing, and take place over years, really fleshing yourself out as the character you’ve created. This world reacts to your decisions, and a lot of them have both immediate and prolong consequences. If a fellow vampire asks you to not tell an important woman in the city how he feels about her, and you betray his trust, this could have dire ramifications.

As for faults, this game really doesn’t have many. You’re not going to be drawn in if you dislike vampires, or the 1800’s setting, but you can still have some fun. Sure, there’s points in the game where, no matter your character, it feels similar, but these are usually far apart from one another. The amount of detail in this game is, simply put, staggering. In-depth stats track your every choice. For some, this simply isn’t their type of game, but for anyone who is a fan of games with choice, and isn’t intimidated by a fair dose of reading, this is definitely worth the download.

This game is available for free right now on the Google Play store. You may purchase an ad-free version, but the ads barely take up any space. For this much content in a tightly-packed download, providing near-limitless incentives to replay, this is a must-download for fans of games with choice.

Overall: 5/5

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