Here you can find Think Android Answers to all Levels in all Chapters.


Think is one of those games that makes you, well, TH!NK.

The main point of the game is to basically use your logic and creativity together to figure out each puzzle. It will teach you how to think visually and how to combine symbols to construct more complicated ideas into the game.

But you are probably wondering right now, “isn’t that what you do with every other puzzle game?” Not really. Think is a brand new game with a different approach to the classic puzzle style games. You will see for yourself as you progress trough the game.

At the beginning of Think game you will find levels where one symbol represents one word answer. Two symbols representing answers with two words are following. But you can find there several interesting combinations, for example:

–       several symbols representing single word or idea

–       special symbols for “the”, “and” or “a”

–       combinations of two symbols for one word with sign pointing to the important bit

–       rhymes with / sounds like.

Think consists of 480 puzzles spread over 40 chapters. The puzzles in the game are divided into several categories, such as: Actions, Abstract, Movies, TV Show, Profession, Phrases, Books and others.

Are Think Android Answers really necessary to master the game?

This is one of the hardest puzzle games I have ever played and if you get stuck on a puzzle here you can find Think Android answers to all puzzles in all chapters.

Hope you will enjoy this beautiful puzzle game and our Think Android Answers guide to all levels will help you become a master of the game.


The music for the game was composed by the award winning composer Jim Guthrie (Indie Game the Movie and Sword & Sorcery).
The game is a great visual puzzle game from June Software Inc. Think is a simple game which is available for android, iphone ipad, ipod and may be wp 8.

Visit TH!NK Game Website here.

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