Can You Escape Walkthrough: Level 9 & Level 10 Solution

The great Can You Escape escape the room game has been updated with a bunch of new levels and I am here to share with you the solution to each of them. We’ll start with the Can You Escape level 9 walkthrough, as well as the Can You Escape level 10 walkthrough – two brand new and really challenging levels.

Don’t forget to check out the previous article for the level 7 and 8 walkthrough, and if you did so already and you want to move on to the next levels, check out below the Can You Escape level 9 and level 10 walkthrough!

Can You Escape Level 9 Walkthrough

– Tap the right drawer and get the purple light bulb.
– Notice a set of numbers in the room: the 9 above the elevator, 8 on the left wall, 3 on the chair and red 4 behind the vases. Go back to the other side of the room and tap the shelves near the guitar. Tap the wooden box and enter the code: 9483. Take the screwdriver.
– Tap the chair under the air vent, then tap the air vent and remove it with the screwdriver. We need a key.
– Go back to the other side of the room, zoom into the top of the right shelves and get the key from the egg shaped item. Use it to stop the ventilator.Get the red card under it.
– Go back and tap the lamp. Place the purple bulb inside then tap the base of the lap to see the code: xox; oxo; xox
– Look at the table and notice the colors of the plates (blue, red, green, black, orange).
– Tap the area under the table with the lamp and enter the code (the bottom right circle must be tapped):

can you escape walkthrough level 9 1

– Get the blue card. Go back twice and open the left cabinet. Solve the puzzle there, a newspaper will be revealed. Get the green card under it.
– Go to the other side of the room and tap the shelf near the guitar. Tap the hearts, then the tallest one to reveal the code:

can you escape walkthrough level 9 2

– Go back to the door, place all your cards there and use the colors from under the heart to exit.

Can You Escape Level 10 Walkthrough

– Tap the big box in the middle of the room and take the drill. Tap the table near the wall, zoom into the coffee cups and get the drill head. Combine both in your inventory. Also get a pencil near the pot with the plant
– Tap the shelves near the stair and get the piece of paper.
– Tap the vent above the stairs, and place the piece of paper in that box. Use the pencil to remove the key, then get it from the piece of paper.
– Tap the wall near the door, around the bottom left side of the door (as seen on the photo frame above the wall in the same wall):

can you escape walkthrough level 10 1

– Use the drill on that button and tap on it to see the code: 2 blue, 2 yellow, 2 green
– Go back and tap the area behind the plant in the lower left corner. Use the code above and get a wheel.
– Go back and tap the wall under the shelf on the right wall. Use the key to open that small door and take binoculars. Use them on the grates above the table and you will see the code: 12 – 8 – 5
– Tap the area under the table and use the code. Get the piece of compass there.
– Tap the area near the door, use the two pieces on the wall and you can exit!

And this is it! We have managed to complete level 9 and level 10 in Can You Escape. Stay tuned for more walkthroughs and levels!

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