Can You Escape Walkthrough: Level 5 and Level 6 Solution

We’re back with the Can You Escape walkthrough and this time we’re tackling the more difficult levels 5 and 6, levels that are really challenging and have all the elements to get you stuck along the way. So we’re going to check out the Can You Escape Level 5 walkthrough below as well as the Can You Escape Level 6 walkthrough!

Don’t forget that we already have published the walkthrough for the first 4 levels, so check it out as well if you need help with those stages. If not, let’s check out the Can You Escape Walkthrough level 5 and level 6 below!

Can You Escape Walkthrough: Level 5

– Tap the lower left arrow to move to the other side of the room. Notice the colors of the candles:

can you escape walkthrough level 5 - 1
– Go back again and zoom in on the cabinet under the dart board and set the colors (pink, light blue, black, white). Take the pencil. Look at the darts board and notice the green, red and blue arrow numbers (845)
– Go to the other side of the room and zoom in on the table in front of the bed. Use the pencil with the white clipboard and notice the code:

can you escape walkthrough level 5 - 2
– Go back and take one eye from the back of the bicycle and one from the nightstand to the left of the bed.
– Tap on the chest near the bicycle and use the code above to open it (tap, from left to right: twice, once, none, twice, once, twice). Get the key.
– Go back to the other side of the room and use the eyeballs with the table near the door. Open it and get the bird food. Give it to the bird in the cage to have it drop the key and get it.
– We have to use both keys near the door, but one of the numbers is missing. Remember the dart board? Those are the numbers, so write them:

can you escape walkthrough level 5 - 3

– Solve the math (it’s 974) and exit the room!

Can You Escape Walkthrough: Level 6

– Zoom in to the shelves near the cactus and notice the triangle puzzle with numbers missing. This is a really tough one, until you realize what to do. You have to change the * boxes with numbers that, multiplied with the one next to them have as a result the number above. Below we have the numbers:

can you escape walkthrough level 6 - 1

– Now that we solved the difficult part, tap the area under the puzzle and get the blue ball. Go back one screen and get part of jack from under the cabinet.
– Notice that we have some well hidden numbers around the room: a green 6 above the door, a yellow 2 on the frog on the wall, a red 6 under the bowl on the safe in the right corner and blue 2 above the plant. Now zoom in to the safe and enter the code: 2662 to open it and get a green weight.
– Go back and take the stick from behind the plant and vase. Combine the stick and part of the jack, then zoom in to the red car and place it under there. Get the red weight.
– Go back and zoom in to the horns thing in the corner. Put the weights on the hooks of the same color. Get the key from under the horns and exit!

And we’re done! We have completed two more levels in Can You Escape and we’re close to completing the available levels of the first release. Make sure to check back soon as we’ll update the article with more Can You Escape solutions!

UPDATE: The level 7 and 8 walkthrough and the level 9 and 10 walkthrough has been published, make sure to check it out if you need help solving the puzzles there!

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