Bouncy Bill Halloween Walkthrough Levels 19-21

Bouncy Bill is one of my favorite games as of late. Not only is it fun, unique, and simple, but it’s really addicting as well! I love playing Bouncy Bill Halloween. But if you’re having some trouble with the levels, look no further than this Bouncy Bill Halloween walkthrough! This will cover levels 19-21! Grab your phone and play along!

Level 19

On this level, you’ll first want to jump onto the platform rotating around you. Once you’ve done that, start to work your way down by jumpong onto the sludge in the bottom right corner. Keep moving downward through all the platforms. Once you reach the sludge on the left side, fall through and ride the platform over to the right and jump off to the treat platform!

Level 20

Break the platform you’re on to fall down to the bouncy pad. This will catapoult you to some sludge. Wait through it, then you’ll be shot up to an icy platform, ending in a breakable tile. Wait for the right opportunity to get onto the moving platform below. Once you do, jump off at the “treat” platform to complete the level!

Level 21

For this level, you want to focus on the balloons. Ignore every tile except the “treat” tile. Jump onto the first ballon and get off at the tile on the right. Then jump onto the other balloon coming through. Take him down to the breakable tile. Get off and jump onto the other balloon. You should be able to ride him all the way to the “Treat” tile. Nice work!

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