Bomb on Bus arrives onto Android

Over Easy Games had just released a new endless runner game titled Bomb on Bus for the Android. The game’s theme may remind you of the 90’s flick Speed which stared Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. And in this game you are the driver of a bus and your job is to navigate the bus while driving at top speeds, so that the bomb won’t detonate.

Bomb on Bus is a new fast paced game that in no way has a premise that is suspiciously similar to a certain blockbuster movie from the mid-90’s. If we’re going to throw around a fancy genre term you could say its one of those endless runners, like that Temple one or what’s his face? Or, you could say its the touching story of a bus that couldn’t slow down.” – Over Easy Games



  • A bus, a bridge, a tunnel, a flux capacitor, an ambulance and a whole lot of action.
  • Full vehicle physics
  • Item upgrades
  • Google Play Leaderboards
  • Google Play Achievements

If you are a fan of  endless runners then Bomb on Bus is free to download from the Google Play Store

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