Bike Race Review

Bike Race is a racing game, released for Android by Top Free Games. Currently sitting on the top free list, the game brings a style of racing game that, while not unseen before, has its own innovations and brings its own fun content Android gaming. With touch and tilt based controls, a whole ton of unlockables, and a neat, if barebones, graphical style, I wasn’t sure what to expect going in.

As I played the first few levels, though, my worries were put it rest. Bike Race is a very simple game, but simple doesn’t always have to mean bad, now does it? The game manages to provide fun on its own terms, but it’s not perfect. So, now that I’ve spent some time with Bike Racer, how is it overall?

The gameplay is fun for the most part, though it does become pretty repetitive. You touch the screen to give your bike gas, and as jumps, gaps, and an assortment of other “obstacles” get in your way,you have to tilt the phone to adjust your bike’s position. It’s certainly a fun concept, but as you get into the later levels, it starts to wear thin and become repetitive.

The bright side is there is plenty of unlockables. You unlock new characters, bikes, levels, new modes, there’s plenty of content to keep you coming back. And I definitely would keep coming back, if it wasn’t for the repetitive gameplay. The level design does its best to keep things fresh, but only works some of the time.

The graphics are far from good. This definitely isn’t going to wow anyone with its art style. Things are jagged, the backgrounds are uninteresting, and the characters and bikes don’t look all that great. The sound is along the same lines. Generic background music and cheap bike sounds make this feel like a b-rate game from the moment you start.

Overall, Bike Racer is a decent game, but the repetition drags it down. If you’re big on great graphics or impressive sound, you definitely won’t be blown away. But, the game can be fun for what it is, and if you like little pocket racers, you’ll find some fun here. It’s cool to play the more challenging levels, but you’ll endure a lot of repetitive gameplay to get there.

Final Sore: 3/5

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  • Gamesomes March 23, 2013, 7:21 PM

    How to download the background melody music of this game.. Please send a link to my mail if possible..