Benji Bananas Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide

If you are like me, then you probably got to love Benji Bananas already and you’re starting to wonder if there’s anything you can do to get even better at the game. To help you with that, I have decided to share with you this Benji Bananas cheats article where you will hopefully find all the Benji Bananas tips and tricks that you need to get the most out of the game and collect as many bananas as possible.

Since using hacks and things like that can do bad things to your phone and potentially get your device infected with a virus, we’ll stick to “old school” tips and strategy tricks to help you. I am not a Benji Bananas expert – I only reached word 6, but I am sure that it is enough to share some of my tips, so check them out below!

benji bananas cheats

1. Learn the controls
This is the most important thing and you should focus all your strength on learning how to control Benji. At first, things are pretty difficult so remember that practice makes perfect, so keep practicing. Play several games, and then play a few more times and you’ll be ready for the real game!

2. Don’t spend your bananas too soon!
Because I didn’t know it and didn’t notice the persistent power ups at first, I spent my bananas on Single Use ones that proved to be a waste of bananas, especially early on when I didn’t even make the most out of them. So gather bananas first, and only spend them once you know what you’re spending them on. You will also have to buy some Single Use power-ups to complete missions, but focus on the persistent ones first, because with their help you will actually get more bananas.

3. Recommended Persistent Power-ups
Of course, it depends from player to player and you should check them out for yourself, but the order in which I suggest you to purchase the persistent power-ups is the following: Fertilizer, Swing Boost, Wingsuit, Magnet. The others matter very little early on (the Rescue Squad is something that I consider useless, even though they did save my fur on some occasions). Have in mind that upgrades get more and more expensive, so you really should have a strategy early on on what to upgrade first.

4. Recommended Single Use Power-ups
Once you are doing great runs in the game and collecting a ton of bananas, you can start thinking about the Single Use power-ups. The Rocketboost is great for when you need to go the distance faster and to me it proved really useful. The Snake Oil and Tiger Strike are also good ones to have aboard when you need then (Better be safe than sorry) and the Head Start is pretty useless. The Sisu Strength should only be purchased when you regularly get past world 5 in Benji Bananas, otherwise it’s a waste of bananas.

5. Complete missions
This is an obvious one and you should do your best to complete the missions as soon as possible. Not only that they give you good rewards in terms of bananas, but they also keep the challenge levels up and help you perform better.

6. Learn the swing mechanics
It’s pretty easy: when you catch a vine closer to its base, you will swing less, and if you catch one lower, you will swing more. You can slow down or speed up knowing these mechanics. Also, don’t forget that if you tap and hold when there’s no vine to grab, Benji will go down a lot faster. This is really useful when you spot a power-up you want to grab or a booster. Be careful though, as this can also be fatal!

7. Ignore the bananas, focus on the “road”
It might sound strange, sine your main goal is actually that of getting as many bananas as possible, but risking it all for a few bananas is simply not worth it. Simply keep the monkey alive and you will automatically get more bananas. So always choose the safest and best path, and don’t do crazy stuff for a handful of extra bananas!

And this would be it in terms of Benji Bananas tips that I have to share with you. If you have extra ones, don’t hesitate to write them in the comment section below!

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  • Aravind K V September 3, 2014, 3:40 AM

    How can I use the eagle power up?
    I am not able to do anything with it.
    I’m just crashing down….. yeah I’m getting an extra life… Is that all?

  • Leace June 26, 2014, 2:50 PM

    i am addicted to this game but damn, it is hard… i still can’t past the 12th level.. sucks you can’t use more than one extra life at a time… thanks for the tips, but I knew them all – what i really need is, i’m ashamed to admit it, but some kind of cheat that helps me out a little more (even something like let me continue where I died, instead of having to start from the beginning. hell I’d even pay for that option LOL).
    🙂 cheers mate

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    • nicholas August 28, 2015, 2:40 PM

      thanks for the tips

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