Banana Kong Review

Happy New Year fellow gamers! We at the Android Entity hope that you have had a wonderful holiday, and we wish nothing but the best for 2014! And it has been awhile but I still had the time to go through the Google play store and play some great games over the holidays, and I want to start off the new year by reviewing this game title Banana Kong. So please read on fellow gamers.

Now when you first play this game, you might think that this game is some cheap Donkey Kong rip off, but the game also does take cues from Jetpack Joyride and Temple Run, and believe it or not but the game itself is not all that bad.

Now in Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Country, Kong in the game is obsessed with getting well….bananas. And in Banana Kong is pretty much the same concept. except in this game is an endless runner, and you collect bananas, there is so much that his massive stockpile of yellow fruit is becoming a hazard. It topples over, causing a banana avalanche that Kong needs to outrun, thereby triggering the endless running which is the focus of the game.


Just like with other endless runners you will just sprint automatically, with a tap causing him to jump in the air. Holding your finger down allows Kong to float a short distance, while swiping to the right unleashes a devastating shoulder charge that smashes through obstacles blocking the path. Colliding with one of these objects – or falling foul of other hazards, such as vast pools of water – brings Kong’s dash to an end.

The level in Banana Kong is actually divided into four layers. The basic, jungles, and three sub-levels that can be accessed by performing banana dash in the correct places. For example, there is an underground level, in which the aforementioned hog can be found. It can smash through any obstacles and give bonus bananas for it. Each level has its own interesting mechanics, design, and hazards, branching the basic gameplay in different directions.

Banana Kong‘s presentation is excellent throughout, with an attractive 2D art style that apes (pun absolutely intended) the look of the aforementioned Donkey Kong Country. Kong’s expressions are priceless, and practically worth the purchase price alone.

The core gameplay is equally agreeable, although it’s hard to fight the feeling that we’ve seen this all before. Banana Kong doesn’t really do anything especially new or inventive, and as a result it doesn’t take long for the appeal of those charming visuals to wane and for repetition to set in.

Banana Kong is just like any other endless runner at the Google Play Store and it is sad to say that it does not offer anything really new, but it is still a fun game to play and if you are an fan of Donkey Kong, endless runners, and have a sweet tooth for bananas, then there will be no harm in downloading this free game onto your Android device.  So have fun and Happy Gaming Gamers.




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