Astro Boy Dash Review

The world’s most favorite robot boy wonder gets his own mobile game to celebrate 50 years of Astro Boy Animation!

When I first started playing this game I didn’t have any big expectations just because it’s an endless runner game. The game is simple; run, jump, slide and turn left and right. The game runs smoothly without any bugs when I played it. Being bug-free is a good sign but it is a must in today’s game requirements.

The graphics are, obviously, Astro Boy inspired and it works and looks nice. The graphics gives the game a good cartoon feel which is important since Astro Boy is an anime/manga. Even when you have come far into the game and the speed is really fast, the game is stable and keeps on running smoothly. The game should work on most devices, but don’t expect it to run smoothly on all low end devices.


The game features a lot of fun missions. When each mission is completed, you are rewarded with coins, these coins can later be used to buy in-game content, like power ups and utilities. You can use real money to buy these contents and make the game easier, like any other endless running game. There is only two playable characters, Atom the mighty Astro Boy and his robot sister, Uran the Astro Girl.

To unlock Uran, you need to have 270,000 coins which is a lot. So she is more of a pay to play character. If you compare Astro Boy Dash with other endless running games like Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers, Astro Boy Dash isn’t really a big opponent. The game was released 26. August so it is pretty new and fresh, so we’ll have to wait and see what the public thinks of it.


There is a ton of endless runners on Play Store, and trust me when I say a ton, you can’t even begin to imagine how many there are. Okay, there isn’t that many, but there is too many developers trying to make it in the endless running section. Most of these developers end up with a really bad game. Astro Boy Dash is clearly not one of them.

The developers, “Animoca“, did a great job. If you look at their previous work, you can see that most of their games are a success. Their most know work is Thor: Lord of Storms and Robo5. Even though they haven’t done any endless runners before, this was a really cool and fun game for all ages.


The game can be downloaded for free and it is available world wide. The game doesn’t show any ads at all, which is pretty cool. The only “ads” that are shown, are the “save me” after dying in a run or all the in-app contents which can be looked at as ads.
Link to official Play Store.

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