Angry Piggy Tips And Tricks For A Better Strategy

Angry Piggy is a fun game, no doubt. It’s got interesting animal dynamics and fun gameplay. Each animal has its own set of characteristics that makes it able to perform actions the others can’t. But maybe you’re having trouble getting through a certain level, or can’t quite figure out what each animal can do. These Piggy Adventure tips and tricks would be for you, then! So grab your phone and use these on Angry Piggy!


1. Don’t get the cow caught in a gap, it’s a pain to get him out. There should be blocks around to help prevent this from happening.

2. The cow is able to push large blocks around, this will aid both him and other animals, if a lever needs to be held, etc.

3. Know the layout of the map beforehand, and know which animal you want where. This will come in handy, so you’re not scrambling to figure out who you need where.

4. For levers that need to be held down, try to find a block first and foremost. If you can’t, the pig can jump fairly high, so use him to hold it down while the others cross.

5. Finally, if you’re going after the collectibles, there’s a lot of ways to get them, some might take some figuring out. The chick can blow fire, the cow can push blocks, and the pig can jump high, so try and use all these together to get the hard to reach collectibles

Apply these to your Angry Piggy game and hopefully you’ll be on your way to blowing through the levels! Hope these help!

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