Angry Birds Goal released for Android!

The creative heads from Rovio are back at it again with a new Angry Birds game!


Remember the original Angry Birds game? You probably don’t, after all these sequels, spin-offs and even a full Angry Birds movie! Anyways, the new game isn’t remotely like the older games, considering its really a soccer game. The premise of this installation is to lead you team of birds to victory playing agains teams like the pigs. It looks really fun, especially considering you’ll also manage the team! Take a look down under:

What do you think? Is it worth the download? If so download it right here for free! As with all their other games, Angry Birds Goal does support IAPs. (Do note that the game is experiencing a soft launch, meaning it isn’t available in every country. It is available in in the Australia, Canada and the UK.)



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