Agent Dash Tips & Tricks for That Perfect Run

As you know already, I had a great time playing Agent Dash on my Android powered device, and the truth is that I continued to play it even after writing the review, trying to get a perfect run. And trust me when I say it that it is something really difficult to achieve, and you need some playing time in order to do that. But once you will do it, you will be really proud of yourself and that’s why I have decided to come here and share with you some tips and tricks for Agent Dash – probably just small pieces of advice that will make you just a little better at this game.

Because, most importantly, Agent Dash is about your own reflexes and I am sure you know that already. But it’s not just mindless fun – there is some strategy involved as well as patterns here and there and it’s about them we’re going to talk about in this article. So read on and check out some really valuable…

Agent Dash tips and tricks!

1. Try to always stick to the middle of the road: unless it’s pretty obvious that left or right are the ways to go, the middle section of the road is the best one for you since it allows to quickly allow you to move left or right.

2. You can also change direction during jumps, a very important feat – this means that you can jump from the middle and land on the left or right lane, which is really useful when it comes to dodging obstacles.

3. There will usually be indicators telling you which direction to go – try to keep your eyes open and notice them. I know that the action becomes very intense quickly, but you have to learn to see all the indicators and hints about what’s to come in order to make sure that you stay alive for as long as possible.

4. Although your main goal in the game would be that of getting as many Gems as possible, don’t try to get them all. Actually, it’s better if you live longer – this way, you will automatically get more gems rather than risking at all times and hitting an obstacle.

5. Don’t use the Single Use Boosts (those that are 2,000 gems and more). Some – like the Gem Rush boost – might prove beneficial, but if you are not already a great runner, it will be generally just a waste of gems because you will die before they become useful.

6. Instead, focus on upgrading your gadgets in the gadget HQ. I recommend starting with the magnet and the Super Diamond, then continuing with the others in this recommended order: Jetpack and High Value Gems. The reason why I say to get the high value gems last is because they only appear from Town onwards and it will probably be a while until you will regularly get there to make it a solid investment.

7. Finally, and probably the most valuable tip I can offer: take your time and try to keep calm. Agent Dash can become frustrating especially early on, when you don’t have enough experience and reflexes, but there is no rush to “beat” the game or hurry things. It’s supposed to be fun!

Do you have other tips and tricks to share for the Agent Dash players? Share them in the comment section below!

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