Adblock Plus browser for Android!

Rumors of a separate dedicated Adblock browser began to swirl on the Internet this week, but now, the rumor can be confirmed.

Adblock has launched a beta version of its new browser for Android – just as predicted. It is built on Firefox 37, but unlike the original Adblock browser, it does not support extensions and synchronization with Firefox on your desktop. Future Adblock Plus updates for Android will also come while Mozilla release new versions for its Firefox browser. This is although not the first time we have seen Adblock available on Android. An Adblock app has already been possible to download, but it was required to have Firefox installed for it to work. Now you do not need two separate apps.


So if you need to block ads, check out the browser! But do know this though: a lot of people need ads to be shown on their websites to monetize on their work. So use the browser considerately!

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