9GAG Redhead Redemption Review

The guys behind one of the most popular websites in the world delivers us a proper zombie shooter, mixed with the most beloved genre on the Play Store, you guessed it: an endless runner. Here is our Redhead Redemption review!

Redhead Redemption is new zombie shooter exclusively (for now) for Android devices. As the title suggests, you play as a redhead girl who has to survive a zombie apocalypse with her baby brother. Said baby brother, hangs on her back while she covers the running part in the game. As she runs forward, automatically, the baby will shoot at the incoming zombies. Each level has a distance limit you will have to run through without getting killed by the zombies. It is at its core a very simple game, but it is certainly addictive and fun.

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Redhead Redemption is heavily influenced by previous zombie games on the Play Store. It is nothing too original, as well as neither being a copy off other games. Its something in between, which is something I appreciating, considering half of the games on the Play Store are copies from other games. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t stop the game from being enjoyable. I had lots of fun playing it.

The game isn’t necessarily difficult. This of course depends on the player, but you shouldn’t have a hard time playing it. The game has a story mode with different levels, as well as an endless mode where you run as long as you can without a in-game goal to reach. The game also offers a lot. With over 120+ levels, there is also a ton of upgrades, weapons and other power ups. There is even stray cats you can recruit to assist you throughout the game.

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In my opinion, the coolest part of the game is the loading screen. They added memes in the game! I love memes, and the fact they actually added them in the game is awesome and hilarious, and kind of obvious, if you think about it…

Be sure to download the game for the price of nothing! The fact that the game is free, is just really cool. I recommend everyone to at least try the game. Download the game here! Be sure to also check out 9GAG for a couple a laughs as well!

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