5 New Features in Minecraft PE 0.16 (MINECON)

Minecraft has since it launch been in quite the evolution, especially the PC version. But it seems that the developers behind Minecraft, Mojang, might be showing more love to the mobile users!

During Minecraft’s official fan conference, Mojang revealed that the next update, 0.16 for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, will include tons of new, fun additions. In addition to the 5 new main features, the update will also include various fixes and tweaks but here are the points:

1. Add-ons:

The game will now implement add-ons, in the same nature as the Minecraft version for PC has mods. This means that fans and communities may now bring their own updates and add-ons for Pocket Edition!

2. Ocean Monuments:

Minecraft hasn’t really dwelled down into the deep ocean until now: introducing Ocean Monuments. What do you think we can find here?

3. Bosses:

According to Mojang, the Ocean Monuments will have Elder Guardians who will attack you to protect them. There is also the Wither, a villian you make yourself! Killing these, will give you a Nether Star, which is what you use to make a beacon.

4. Beacons

By making these, you’ll obtain power such as jump boost,  increased mining speed, damage resistance, increased strenght and movement or jump boost. So lots of new powers as well!

5. Slash commands

In the PC version of Mincraft, you can use /slash commands to give the game various commands. This has been long awaited in PE. It is pretty neat in my opinion, and such a fantastic add-on to the Pocket Edition.


I’m really happy for all these new add-ons, and I hope you are too! I can’t wait until the update arrives the Play Store. But until, stay woke on AndroidEntity!

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