100 Zombies Walkthrough: Level 21 – 30 Cheats

There are zombies we have to escape from in 100 Zombies, the latest room escape game on Google Play, one that I really love playing! And I am sure you love it too, but maybe you got stuck along the way, so I am here to share with you some 100 Zombies cheats, a complete set of instructions in a complete 100 Zombies walkthrough with the (you probably got it by now) complete solution to all levels!

In this article we’re checking out the 100 Zombies walkthrough for levels 21 to 30, but if you need help with other levels, you can check out the first 10 levels solutions here and the level 11 – 20 walkthrough here.

100 zombies room escape walkthrough

100 Zombies Level 21 walkthrough
Here you must be pretty flawless: you have to pick up the gun and shoot the zombies as they appear. Here is the order:

– left window
– right window
– left window
– room (left)
– both windows

After shooting them, tap the gun to deselect it and tap the door to exit before the time runs out!

100 Zombies Level 22 walkthrough
Based on the instructions on the ceiling, you have to tap each of the knobs so that they face the indicated direction. Top left: tap 7 times; bottom left: tap 3 times; top right: 4 times; bottom right: 2 times.

100 Zombies Level 23 walkthrough
Tap the buttons in the order shown by the blocks, from left to right: green, blue, red, blue, green, red, blue, red, green.

100 Zombies Level 24 walkthrough
Following the “map” on the top of the door, tap the doors in this order (we have left door, middle door and right door, just to be clear):

– Middle, Left, Middle
– Middle, Right, Middle
– Right, Middle, Left
– Middle, Middle, Right
– Middle, Middle, Middle
– Right, Middle, Right
– Middle, Left, Middle
– Middle, Left, Middle

100 Zombies Level 25 walkthrough
Drag away the right tombstone and get the crowbar, then use it to remove the planks and exit.

100 Zombies Level 26 walkthrough
It’s some matchmaking to be done again, use the image below as an indicator on what to do (make sure it looks EXACTLY like the one below):

100 zombies walkthrough level 26

100 Zombies Level 27 walkthrough
Here you have to tap the lights in the order they light up after tapping the red button. Here is the order for each of the steps:

1: top right, bottom right, bottom left
2: top right, bottom right, bottom left, top left
3: bottom right, top right, top left, bottom left, top left
4: bottom left, bottom right, bottom right, top left, top right, top left

100 Zombies Level 28 walkthrough
Get the gun and use it to shoot down all the tombstones. Tap the gun again and you can open the door.

100 Zombies Level 29 walkthrough
You need to figure out the numbers in the question marked squares. It is done by adding (mentally) math signs between all the numbers. The numbers are: 2, 1 and 4, so our code is 214.

100 Zombies Level 30 walkthrough
Wait and do nothing – when the timer reaches 0, you can tap the door and exit.

And this is it! We have completed 10 more levels of this great escape the room puzzle game, 100 Zombies. Stay tuned with Android Entity as more solutions for extra levels will be posted soon!

Update: We have completed 10 more levels and you can check out the walkthrough here.

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