100 Rooms Walkthrough: Level 27 & Level 28 Solution

It’s time to check out the walkthrough for the next two 100 Rooms levels released over the weekend, levels 27 and 28 where things get even more complicated and the puzzles a bit more tricky, but doable, especially now since I am here to share with you the solution to each of the new levels below. So let’s check out both the 100 Rooms Level 27 walkthrough as well as the Level 28 walkthrough and complete these difficult rooms.

If you still have any questions after checking out the guides, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section below! Now let’s check out the 100 Rooms walkthrough for levels 27 and 28!

100 Rooms Level 27 walkthrough

– Go right and tap the small box – take the key from inside
– Go left and tap the door on the wall. Use your key from the inventory to open it and complete the puzzle. I have attached an image below with how the final thing should look like. Have in mind that you can also move pieces diagonally even if there’s one in between, and this should be used to complete the puzzle quicker. Now here’s how it should look like after you’re done with it:

– Go right and touch the red button on the wall. Nothing will happen, but you will hear a sound – go back and you will see a door opened on the wall. Pick up a disc from there.

– Go right and tap the window and pick up the cutter. Go right and pick up the tools – chainsaw and electric cutter (however, the chainsaw will not be used so probably you don’t have to pick it up if you don’t want to). In your inventory, use the disc with the electric cutter.

– Now go right and use the cutter on the middle of the wall – a door will be revealed. Now use the electric cutter on the door and you can exit!

100 Rooms Level 28 walkthrough

– Go right and take bottles from the table until you fill your inventory (16 of them!)

– Go right twice and start filling the colors – you need 8 red bottles, 4 blue bottles and 4 yellow bottles.

– First, we should get 3 purple bottles. To get purple color, mix red with blue (in your inventory), then yellow, then red. Do this three times to get the 3 bottles of purple

– We need one black bottle: mix red with blue, then yellow, then purple.

– One white bottle: Mix red with blue, yellow, red, then black

– Now go to the table of bottles and full up your inventory again (actually, you only need 2 bottles). Fill them up with blue and yellow.

– Start mixing again: red with blue, then yellow, then purple, then white. You should get a strange looking potion that you can use on the door to exit!

And this is it! We have completed the walkthrough for 100 Rooms Level 27 and 100 Rooms level 28, two really difficult levels that took me ages to figure out. But we did and we can now finally move forward!

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  • Baldrian September 15, 2012, 10:25 PM

    Looks to me like I only need to make TWO purple ones…