100 Rooms: Level 12 Solution

A brand new level has been released for the popular escape the room game 100 Rooms and I am here to share with you the solution for it. Level 12 – because this is the level that we’re talking about – is by far the most difficult and complex level in the game and I think that we should expect to see even more difficult levels in the future.

But right now we should focus on the 100 Rooms level 12 solution, so let’s check it out in this guide!

– Move right and tap the tile in the upper left corner. Tap the hole to get a rubber vacuum
– Go back and to the right and tap under the sink – get the wooden thing and use it with the rubber to make a plunger.
– Go back and tap the top side of the sink. Use plunger with sink and get the symbol.
– Go back and right and tap the shelf with the safe. Get hammer.
– Move back and left and tap above the toilet – look at the blue notebook for the code.
– Go back and tap the tub. Select the hammer and tap the tiles as indicated by the code: from the lower row, tap the 5th tile from left to right 3 times; then tap the first tile from the left on the middle row 2 times; and then tap the 6th tile from the top row 4 times.
– A tile will tap after code is correct – get the next symbol from the hole left by the tile.
– Move back to the safe and use both symbols on it to open. Get the key and use it on the door to exit.

In case you want to see exactly what you have to do, I have created a video walkthrough for 100 Rooms Level 12 as well:

And this is it! This is the solution to 100 Rooms Level 12. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed or like us on Facebook, since we’ll keep posting solutions to Android games. And if you want to check out the solution to the previous room, check it out here.

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