100 Missions Walkthrough: Solution for 1st Mission (Android)

100 Missions is a new Android app from the creators of 100 Doors, a really well done escape the room series that puts you in the shoes of a special agent who has to solve all sorts of cases. Right now, 100 Missions only has 1 mission to challenge us with but it’s an incredible challenge and very difficult too, and I am sure we’ll have a lot of fun in the future with this game.

But until then, I am here to share with you a 100 Missions walkthrough, a guide on how to complete the 1st mission of the game – because it’s pretty tricky and you might need help to get past a dead end. So check out the 100 Missions Level 1 walkthrough below and have fun completing the game!

1. Go right 3 times and take the screwdriver from the top of the table.
2. Go back to the door and tap the power supply. Unscrew the screws using the screwdriver and tap the buttons to the right to change colors: top left is blue, second is yellow, third is green and fourth is red. Use the switch near the door to turn on the lights now.
3. Tap the dresser. Take hammer from the basket and take a piece of paper from the pocket of the middle costume.
4. Go left and down and take the shoe laces from the shoes.
5. Go right and tap the wall near the chess table to remove the paint. Use the hammer on the wall and take the cassette player.
6. Go right and enter the bathroom. Take the piece of paper from the trash can near the sink and the key from the sink.
7. Go left and use the key on the box to start the pipes puzzle. The idea here is to make a direct route from left to right. Tap each pipe to rotate it until you get a shape similar to the one in the image below:

8. When the connection is made, tap the red valve. Go to the toilet and take a new key from it.
9. Go back and go to the place with the TV screen. Use the key to open the drawer under the TV and get the piece of paper. Open the bottom right drawer and take Paper Clip and Batteries.
10. In your inventory, drag the paper clip to the shoe laces and get a hook. Enter the bathroom again and use the hook to get the key from the sink (from the drain).
11. Exit the bathroom and use the key to open the top drawer near the entrance to the bathroom – take the ultraviolet lamp.
12. Go back to the door with the power switch and turn the light off. In your inventory, combine the batteries with the ultraviolet lamp to turn it on and go to the billiards table. Tap the painting on the wall and use the ultraviolet lamp on it to reveal the code. (it’s a code for the safe)
13. Go and turn the lights on again and return to the billiards table. Tap the drinks bar and use the hammer on the piggy bank. Take the coin and, in your inventory, use the hammer on the coin. Use the flattened coin on the billiards table (on the lower part of the table, to the right) and you will hear something move.
14. Go back and notice that the painting is down and a safe is pressed. In order to enter the code, swipe to the left or right the lock in the following order: right, left, right, left, left, right. Get all the items from there (cassette, flash drive and magnetic card).
15. Go to the computer and use the flash drive on it, then enter the code: 4519 (revealed on the piece of paper with shapes and the puzzle from the bathroom with broken pieces of paper).
16. After you take the data, get the flash drive and go to the printer. Put the piece of paper in and use it to reveal the codes of the Morse. Place the cassette inside the cassette player by dragging it inside then listen to the Morse code to get the final combination: 5714.
17. Go to the entrance door and tap on the door. Use the magnetic card on the lock and use the code. Tap the door to exit and complete the mission.

And there you have it! You have completed the first mission of 100 Missions – and hopefully more will come soon. Thanks a lot to our friends over at Unigamesity for creating this 100 Missions walkthrough for the first mission!

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  • bunny August 26, 2012, 7:01 AM

    How do u get the handle on the safe to turn left mine only turns right

    • admin August 27, 2012, 5:04 AM

      You simply slide from the right to the left on the screen, it will move left.