100 Missions Las Vegas Level 16 Walkthrough

Finally, the last mission of the 100 Missions Las Vegas episode has been released and we’re ready to solve the mystery and capture the man. We are talking about the 100 Missions Las Vegas Level 16 and I am here to share with you a walkthrough for the level in case you get stuck along the way and you need help to find a solution.

So let’s get our special skills ready and let’s prepare to successfully complete a brand new mission in 100 Missions, with the help of this 100 Missions Las Vegas Level 16 walkthrough!

1. Tap the left lockers and open all the doors that can be opened to get towels.

2. Tap the door twice (first time it will tell you that it’s blocked by the iron bar). Put all the three towels in your inventory on the water puddle (you might have to tap the Ads button in the upper left corner to see the water).

3. Go right and you will see a dead body in the water. Go right and tap the switch to turn on lights. Tap the chair and then the shirt to get a key.

4. Go back and left twice – turn on the lights there too and tap the table. Get the tray under the ice creams.

5. Go all the way back to the lockers and use the key on the locker with the name Greed on it. Take the plan of the pool.

6. Go back to the pool and enter the secret door shown on the map you got (door is behind the plant). You open the door by first tapping the base of the statue. Get the fishing net from the room and go back.

7. Tap the body, then the area near Greed’s left leg and you will see a gun. Use the net to get it.

8. Go back to the lockers and use the gun on the lock and get a new key.

9. Go back to the secret room. Open the door using the tray and get the CD from the table. Connect the wires (by color, by dragging a line) and tap the switches on the table (you turn them all up except for the third one). Now use the CD with the PC to get the videos.

10. Use the key to open the door near the table.

And this is it! It was not the last mission, we still have at least one more and I will be here with the walkthrough for it. Until then, you can check out the Level 15 walkthrough here.

UPDATE: We have also posted right now the 100 Missions Las Vegas Level 17 walkthrough, you can check it our right now!

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  • Susanne January 19, 2013, 10:07 PM

    I’m not sure if this is everyone else’s problem as well but I couldn’t open the secret door at first either. but then it worked after tapping on the diving board, the water to the right of the body, the gun, then moving back and when Tapping on the right statue the secret door opens and you can enter the secret room. Hope this helps

  • Calin January 19, 2013, 7:46 AM

    Marilyn, the problem with the secret door is bugging a lot of players and hopefully the developer knows about it and they will release an update shortly to fix it!

  • Marilyn January 19, 2013, 4:56 AM

    How do I move on in the level if I can’t open the secret door in the room with the pool?????

  • Marilyn January 19, 2013, 4:55 AM

    So how can I go on if I can’t open the secret door in the room with the pool???????