100 Missions Las Vegas: Level 15 Walkthrough

The third mission in 100 Missions Las Vegas is actually Level 15 in the game and I am here to share with you a complete walkthrough to help you complete this level and make sure that you get one step closer to completing this new task that you have. All in the 100 Missions Las Vegas: Level 15 Walkthrough!

So in case that you get stuck along the way and can’t find what to do next, following the step by step instructions in this article will help you solve the problem and complete the game. So let’s check out the 100 Missions Level 15 walkthrough below!

100 Missions Level 13 walkthrough

1. Take the pan from the wall and tap the clock on the right wall twice to get a battery.

2. Go back and right and take a wrench from the table. Tap the lower door of the fridge and take the fries.

3. Go back and tap the open door. Enter the door to the right (bedroom). Tap the brown sheet on the bed, then tap again to reveal a suitcase. We need a code.

4. Tap the night stand between the beds. Take the candle and tap the book – you get the password 178. Use it to open the suitcase and take the ink holder.

5. Go back and tap the open door to enter the bathroom. Take whiskey bottle and the soap (wax in the game) from the sink. Go left and enter the door – use the wrench to get the valve.

6. Go back three times, enter the room to the left and tap left. Tap the table and use the valve with the right side of the pipe.

7. Go right and tap the stove twice. You need to place the colors on the heaters based on size (Blue at the top left, red – top right, yellow bottom left and green). Now put the pan on the stove, add the potatoes and the whiskey. Tap the yellow thing above the stove and the room will fill with smoke.

8. Go right to the guard on the hallway and use the whiskey bottle on him. Go left and turn the air flow again, then go back to the guard. Tap the guard to get a plastic card. Use it to enter the white door.

9. Tap the left painting and get a book. Go back and tap the desk. Use the battery with the phone and tap it to hear the message (you will actually see it, about the first phase of the Trojan Project).

10. Go back and in your inventory combine the wax (soap) with the book, then the ink to get the message. Go back again and tap the left side of the guard to reach a door. Tap it to complete the mission!

And this is it! 100 Missions Las Vegas level 15 is complete and you can now wait for the next mission to be released (and I will make sure to come here with the walkthrough). Until then, you can check out the Level 14 walkthrough, if you still need help with that mission.

UPDATE: 100 Missions Level 16 walkthrough has been published!

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