100 Missions Las Vegas: Level 14 Walkthrough

Here we are, back with a new walkthrough for the popular 100 Missions game, this time with a 100 Missions Las Vegas: Level 14 walkthrough, or the solution for the second mission that we get to complete in the new area, Las Vegas. This time we get deeper in our case of the car smuggling dealer and we’re one step closer to solving the mystery.

However, our quest is not an easy one, so you might get stuck. If that happens, I am here to share with you this walkthrough to 100 Missions Level 14 and hopefully get you out of trouble. So let’s not waste any time and let’s get straight to the 100 Missions Las Vegas Level 14 walkthrough!

100 missions las vegas level 14 walkthrough
1. Tap the trolley to the right of the screen and get the tea kettle and tray. Also get a door key from under the trolley, barely visible under it.

2. Check out the 908 Door and read the note. Now use the key and open the door in front door number 908. Go right and tap the plant to see a new key on the couch (for room 908). Also, there is a baseball bat well hidden to the left of the couch, between the leafs of the plant. Take it as well.

3. Go back to door 908 and open it with the key. Tap the left side of the bed and get a rag.

4. Go back to the other room and tap the white door to enter the bathroom there. Use the rag with the sink, then put the tea kettle in to see a code: 1573.

5. Go back twice and use the baseball bat on the lower right door. Tap the safe and open it with the 1573 code. Get the piece of paper with rooms and names.

6. Go back to room 908 and use the bat with the wall near the TV. Tap the hole and use the tray on the bottom of the door. Tap it to push it under the door, then use the key in your inventory with the key hole and you will get a new key in the tray. Take it and open room 907 with it.

And this is it! You have completed 100 Missions Las Vegas Level 14, the second mission in the Las Vegas area. We are getting closer to completing this set of missions, and I will be here with the walkthrough soon. Until then, you can check out the Level 13 walkthrough if you still need help there.

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