100 Missions Las Vegas: Level 13 Walkthrough

The popular puzzle game 100 Missions has been updated with a new set of levels, Las Vegas. This time we are heading to the big city trying to find out more about a car smuggler and his dealings. I am here to share with you a walkthrough for that experience and we’ll start with the first level in 100 Missions Las Vegas: Level 13 or missions 13.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the 100 Missions Las Vegas Level 13 walkthrough below in case you got stuck and don’t know what to do to proceed!

100 Missions Level 13 walkthrough
1. Pick up Cigarettes pack from the table and small paper clip on the same table (it’s black and you will barely see it). Tap the plant and get the small key. Go back and tap the left-most chair to get another key.

2. Go back and right twice and use the small key (from behind the plant) to enter the room. Take a note with text from the trash and the ladder.

3. Go back and left. Tap they code machine and enter the code 161 (based on the clues from the piece of paper). Take from the room spray, light bulb and gloves from the first aid kit. Tap the pocket area of the white robe to get a lighter.

4. Go back and left twice and tap the white door. Use the light bulb with the lamp. Get scissors and tape. Use the white key in your inventory with the shelves and get the middle glass.

5. In your inventory, combine the sticky tape with scissors and the resulting tape with the glass to get a fingerprint. Use it with the glove.

6. Go back and use the glove with the hand sign on the brown door. Select the spray in your inventory and use it with the right wall to reveal some laser beams. Bummer!

7. In your inventory, double tap the paper clip. Use the resulting item with the keypad on the wall and the laser beams are gone! Now from your inventory, select the ladder and place it in front of the right elevator door. Combine the lighter with the pack of cigarettes in your inventory, then the lit cigarette with the fire detector.

8. Go back and twice to the right and enter the white door. Take the axe and get back to the previous room. Tap the door and use the axe with the lock, then exit!

And this is it! You have completed 100 Missions Level 13 or the first mission of 100 Missions Las Vegas. Stay tuned with us for more 100 Missions Las Vegas walkthrough guides, to be posted very soon!

Update: The walkthrough for 100 Missions Level 14 has been published on Android Entity and you can check it out now!

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