100 Doors Solution: Levels 21 – 30

If you got this far with 100 Doors without looking at our articles with solutions for the game, you did a great job but most likely you will now need help with completing the new set of 10 levels in the game because things get extremely difficult and sometimes cryptic.

But I am here to share with you the complete solution to 100 Doors levels 21 to 30, with complete details on what and how to do, so check out the guide below if you get stuck and proceed to the next door!

100 Doors: Level 21 solution
This is good if you know your horoscope right since these are all zodiac signs and you need to tap them in chronological order. So tap: the bowl with flowing water, the fish, the sheep, the bull, the two faces and finally the big lobster.

100 Doors: Level 22 solution
You need to perform the exact actions to open the door:
1. tap the axe, then the big tree on the door (not the one on the button to the right!) – door should open.
2. Tap the mask, then the pesticide bottle above (or whatever that is) and tap the metal door which should open.
3. Tap the button with people, then the axe, then the door. Tap the tree, then the door. Tap the wooden thing in the upper right corner, then the door again. It should open.

100 Doors: Level 23 solution
You need to tap the symbols from the most under-water to the highest one. So: fish, boat, human, bird, plane, moon.

100 Doors: Level 24 solution
Tap the buttons on the door to have the following: 21 on the top, 13 on the bottom

100 Doors: Level 25 solution
If you count the hours, the answer is 10. So put the hour hand at 10 o’clock and the minute hand at II (10 minutes)

100 Doors: Level 26 solution
All the words spell “oqen” except for one: it’s in the highest row, at the middle (you will notice that the tail of the q is in a different position from the others)

100 Doors: Level 27 solution
Slide over the eyes to shut them all. Then take the key and use it on the door.

100 Doors: Level 28 solution
Simply restart the game three times (use the green arrow button in the lower right of the screen)

100 Doors: Level 29 solution
Touch the bell, then as the devil looks away, take its sword. Then use it and click on the devil 7 times to have it vanish.

100 Doors: Level 30 solution
You need to type the numbers of the previous level, the current one and the next one. So numbers are: 293031

And there you have it, ten more levels completed in 100 Doors and a step closer to that final door. And in case you need the solutions for the earlier levels, check out our previous articles by following the links below:

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Solution text used in this article, courtesy of Unigamesity, the University for gamers.

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