100 Doors Solution: Levels 10 – 20

Welcome to a new article with solutions to the 100 Doors puzzle game. In this article, we will check out the solution for the next 10 doors in the mind bending puzzler available on Google Play: the levels are getting more complicated and I do believe that you will find it extremely difficult to complete them all without help. Personally I couldn’t and that’s the reason why I have decided to share with you this guide to the 100 Doors levels 10 – 20.

So let’s start opening some doors!

100 Doors: Level 11 solution
You simply need to write “I Love You” so tap the corresponding letters (4, 5, 6, 8, 3, 9, 6, 8)

100 Doors: Level 12 solution
It’s not math, it’s mirrored images: so tap the heart-shaped object first (2s mirrored), then the 8, then the triangle

100 Doors: Level 13 solution
Tap the 1 button 11 times to open the door

100 Doors: Level 14 solution
Get the lightbulb from the lower right and put it in the socket to the top left. Then keep turning the light on and off until the door opens.

100 Doors: Level 15 solution
Turn the phone upside down to make that big piece of wood that’s blocking your way fall off. Then tap the door and leave the room.

100 Doors: Level 16 solution
Take the torch and light the wood on the cart. Then tilt the device until the cart is in the middle. Balance it to remain there until the door opens (the things in the middle will turn red)

100 Doors: Level 17 solution
The indicators on the door tell you the color. So at the left we must have, from top to down: green, red, red. And at the right: red, blue, green

100 Doors: Level 18 solution
Slowly turn your device around clockwise first for a complete rotation. Then slowly turn it around counter-clockwise (try multiple times until you get it done!)

100 Doors: Level 19 solution
You need to tap the buttons with exclamation marks in the order indicated by the question marks. So tap the following buttons: 4, 1, 3, 2, 2, 3, 1, 4

100 Doors: Level 20 solution
You need to tap the buttons to the right at the exact time when they appear on the screen. You need to move pretty fast, but learn the pattern, it’s always the same (chicken, robot, fish, tomato, banana, car)

And this is the solution to 100 Doors Levels 10 – 20 used with permission from our friends over at Unigamesity who created this helpful walkthrough.

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